Is That *Really* The 616 And The Ultimate Universe In Ultimate End?

The Ultimate End comic, part of the Secret Wars spinoff titles shows us a Manhattan with two realities existing simultaneously, the Regular Marvel Universe, the 616 and the Ultimate Universe, 1610. And finding a way to get by, in the full knowledge that Doom doesn't approve of this sort of thing.

But is it?

At the end of Secret Wars #1, both universes were destroyed and the Battleworld remade from the remains of all these universe and world destroying incursions.

But the folk seen in the Ultimate End spinoff, by Bendis and Bagley, don't seem to bear those scars. They seem to have been created from a previous "save point". No "Superior" Iron Man, for example. No "Phoenix Cyclops". No Spider-Man who made it onto the life raft. At least, not for the next three weeks…

u2So if they aren't the 616 Universe, who are they? And where is the real 616 and Ultimates? Elsewhere on the Battleworld?

Just a late night question to ponder….




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