Jim Cornette Announces Wrestling Comic at IDW, Claims It Will Make You Rich

With his old rival Vince Russo losing his podcast syndication to a feud with a wrestling blogger, you might think that Jim Cornette's week couldn't get any better. You'd be wrong, however. Cornette was delighted to reveal on his podcast today that he's working on a pro wrestling comic book with IDW that will reveal the true backstage stories of pro wrestling.

"I've been talking to the folks at IDW Comics, one of the grand poobahs over there and a few of the artists and writers who are fans of not only the show and my stories on YouTube and etc. but also wrestling in general — They're the guys who did the, did you get the Andre the Giant biographical graphic novel a couple of years ago?" Cornett said. "Then you know their fine work."

"We're gonna be collaborating on another — they call them graphic novels now because they're so cool and they're so slick and they're so well done, but I wanna call 'em a comic book because I've wanted a comic book since I was five years old," he continued, so excited he could barely complete a sentence before moving onto a new one. "It's gonna consist of some of the true behind the scenes pro wrestling stories that I've told here on the program and maybe a few new ones."

"It's the first comic book graphic novel project ever of this kind," Cornette claimed, "and I'm gonna be kind alike, imagine it's an old EC horror comic — I'm gonna be the Cryptkeeper. I'm introducing things, and I've got input on the creative so we're all getting together, so it's gonna be very realistic in terms of the art as well as the truth and the stories."

Cornette continued to talk up the project, perhaps exaggerating for a bit when he worried that he might get sued for revealing some of the backer reward levels for his own Kickstarter.

"It's gonna be fun and we're gonna keep you updated on it," Cornette said. "In about a month, probably,  we're gonna be launching a Kickstarter to get the project funded. […] There's gonna be a bunch of cool perks like signed original art and update phone calls from me, and I've got an idea that they haven't — and I don't know if we can do this without getting sued yet or not, I suppose it's alright — where some people at different levels can potentially be in the book. At least drawn in it. There's no photos allowed. "

And if that weren't enough, Cornette made a bold appeal to comic book speculators.

"Anyway, it's gonna be a cool thing," he boasted. "We're gonna talk more about it in the next few weeks, starting a Kickstarter. It's gonna be a project for 2018. Hey, I'm a collector so I make collector's items. You see what's happened with the Midnight Express book, and now this is gonna be another one in the classic collector's vein."

"I make people Rich," he promised. "Just buy this shit and save it for 30 years and you can retire."

And you can count on that just like you can count on Tracey Smothers to defeat the Dirty White Boy at Bluegrass Brawl this weekend, brother!

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