Jim Rugg Parodies Maus For Ed Piskor's Red Room – It Doesn't Go Well

Ed Piskor's Red Room has been a massive smash hit for Fantagraphics. A meta-narrative of a horror comic set on the dark web, it began as a serialised Patreon publication before being picked up for print. Say that without spitting over everyone. And during the series, Ed has gotten his Cartoonist Kayfabe collaborator Jim Rugg to draw variant covers based on some legendary and history-making comic books, from TMNT to Zap, from Love And Rockets to Eightball, from  Amazing Spider-Man to Spawn, as so:

So what would their next choice for Red Room Trigger Warnings #3 be? Well, what big comic book has been in all the headlines recently? Oh yes, they went there. Twitting a parody cover of Maus. And I have been told by my editors that I can't actually publish it here, but just link to it. You have been warned. Here's the original for comparison. And yes, I am fully aware of the ironies here. I'm also not even allowed to run Steve Skroce's non-Maus variant cover. Reaction to the Maus variant has been swift from many comic creators, on Twitter. Here's a representative sample.

UPDATE: The original tweets to the cover have now been deleted. The responses have not

  • Ramon Villalobos: L + Ratio
  • Eric Gladstone: I'm Jewish with family who perished in the Holocaust. This is gross and bad. What is it even trying to say?
  • Loroko: oof. um, yeah. i cant praise this, but i also cant condemn it… hmm… kinda in a weird spot. wish i had more to add, but just kinda blankin hahaha. time to process and internally debate is defo in order. but um, yeah… u guys r in for a long night. good luck fellas. Will this version get banned for very different reasons?
  • Tommy Grooms: I get making the rounds in paying homage to great works and creators, but a series reveling in fictional torture and murder should probably not pay homage to another that is regarded for conveying history's most infamous case of dehumanization and mass murder
  • Pierce Elliott: I love you guys, but I ain't really feeling this cover.
  • J.Delgadillo: This seems kinda out of touch… especially with things going on today, not a fan of this one I'd reconsider this one guys.
  • Adam Szym: I mean it's LONG been obvious you like to milk other people's work for all it's worth, but this is on a whole other level
  • Para: this is really hardcore dude
  • Frank Gidlewski: This isnt even hardcore. This is just gross in a sad way.
  • Tom Neely: nope. this is wrong on every level. I'm sure these "outlaws" are proud of all the negative feedback, so I'll say @fantagraphics
    should be ashamed.
  • Adam Szym: Extremely embarrassing and lame, guys! More than anything else it's just boring.

On Instagram, there have been no comments allowed, but plenty of likes. Including Rob Liefeld. Different strokes for different folks.Here;s

Jim Rugg Parodies Maus For Ed Piskor's Red Room

(W) Ed Piskor
Hop on a luxury yacht to the far reaches of the globe in this most unusual Red Room saga yet. Welcome to the island of Pitcairn, home to a native civilization that has been sacrificing their people to the gods for generations in hopes for a good crop season – until bitcoin pirates discover the island and hatch their own plans. The smash hit splatterpunk series continues, from the creator of X-Men: Grand Design and Hop Hop Family Tree, and co-host of the YouTube comics sensation, Cartoonist Kayfabe!In Shops: May 18, 2022
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