Top Six Banned Comics of the Decade According to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Get the Top Banned Comics of the Decade Signed From the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Which, to me, seems to be the responsible attitude.” (Source: The Comics Journal #118)Maus by Art Spiegelman In 2017, Fun Home and Maus were both listed in a widely circulated piece advocating against comics in classrooms as they “advance political agendas.” This article came from a think tank and was published in a popular conservative paper, and press like this often effects[...]

Getting The Kids To Read Comics – Findings From A 'Great Experiment' In The Classroom

In talking about comics and history, we read and discussed Maus Our exploration of Art Spiegelman’s use of animals for different groups sparked quite a heated conversation We also debated whether or not his graphic novel should be considered an historical work.  In dealing with comics and censorship (as well as autobiography), we read and[...]