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Jim Rugg Parodies Maus For Ed Piskor's Red Room
Twitting a parody cover of Maus And I have been told by my editors that I can't actually publish it here, but just link to it You have been warned Here's the original for comparison And yes, I am fully aware of the ironies here I'm also not even allowed to run Steve Skroce's non-Maus[...]
Writing About Maus Now Also Rocketing Up The Charts
Later this year, Pantheon is to publish Maus Now: Selected Writing edited by comic book critic, curator, lecturer and editor Professor Hillary Chute As Maus by Art Spiegelman became the best selling graphic novel in the USA forty years after release, even one of the best-selling books overall, after one small school board decided to[...]
The Vote To Ban Art Spiegelman's Maus From Classrooms
Right now, Maus Book One by Art Spiegelman is the second best-selling book on Amazon The Complete Maus is the fourth best-selling book on Amazon And Maus Book Two is the eleventh best-selling book on Amazon They are all the first, second and third best-selling graphic novels on Amazon, with the box-set in fifth place. And[...]
Church In McMinn County To Host Maus Readings After School Bans Book
Paul's Episcopal Church in downtown Athens in McMinn County, Tennessee, is holding a live reading of Maus McMinn County is the school district that removed Maus, the graphic novel by Art Spiegelman, from their curriculum, that would have been used to teach children about the Holocaust The listing of the event reads as follows; Press shot[...]
The Vote To Ban Art Spiegelman's Maus From Classrooms
Forty-two years after it was first released, Art Spiegelman's Maus is currently the twelfth best-selling graphic novel on for Book One, and 13th for the Complete Maus I wonder why? Well, it's all thanks to a school board in McMinn County, Tennessee which unanimously voted to remove Maus, the only graphic novel to win[...]
Top Six Banned Comics of the Decade According to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Which, to me, seems to be the responsible attitude." (Source: The Comics Journal #118) Maus by Art Spiegelman In 2017, Fun Home and Maus were both listed in a widely circulated piece advocating against comics in classrooms as they "advance political agendas." This article came from a think tank and was published in a popular conservative paper, and press like this often effects[...]