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Joshua Williamson Quits Batman And Robin And Green Arrow, But Not Yet

Joshua Williamson is the writer of Dark Ride, Cobra Commander, Duke, Batman And Robin, Superman/Action Comics and Green Arrow.

Article Summary

  • Joshua Williamson announces he's leaving 'Batman and Robin' and 'Green Arrow' titles.
  • 'Batman and Robin' #13 and 'Green Arrow' #17 will be Williamson’s final issues.
  • Williamson cites burnout, desire to reduce workload, and family time as reasons.
  • Exciting new comic projects and surprising opportunities prompt career pivot.

Joshua Williamson is the writer of Dark Ride, Cobra Commander and Duke from Skybound/Image Comics, and Batman And Robin, Superman/Action Comics and Green Arrow from DC Comics, which is plenty of comic books for anyone's plate. So now he is going to write fewer of them.

On his Substack newsletter, Joshua Williamson writes that Batman and Robin #13, listed in the new DC Comcis September 2024 solicits "is my last issue of the series." And that the listed Green Arrow #16 is the penultimate.

"Green Arrow #17 and the Annual in October are my last issues of the series." However he does confirm that "both series will go on! I know who the creative teams are next, and they are very exciting. I have total faith they are going to tell kickass stories with these books! DC picked some really talented creators to carry the torch!.. I'm incredibly proud that Green Arrow went from a six-issue mini-series to 12 issues to then an ongoing that will continue after my time. Before we get to the end, we're about to dive into the Absolute Power crossover with Green Arrow #13, featuring artist Amancay Nahuelpan. And then Sean returns to wrap up our story of the Green Arrow family! That Annual is going to be EPIC."

Just so you know, it's not me. Either of them. I think I can go on the record with that.

"Leaving both books were my choice, just to be clear. It was a hard one, no doubt. One that I lost some sleep over, as I had stories left to tell with both books, but my gut told me it was time. And there were a bunch of reasons why I made the call, mostly coming down to these three things:

"Reduce my workload: I've been feeling some burn out for a bit now. I've been burning the candle at both ends for a few years and it was very clear that I needed to take some time off and reduce my schedule drastically. I've been writing a LOT of books the last few years, and as much as I loved every minute of it, I need to recharge and reset. Spend more time with my young family and adjust my priorities. I've talked about this a bit in past newsletters and then in the videos with Sal on YouTube. That I often times feel like I've been running a marathon, and I've learned how to be a better runner while on the move, but I've never taken the time to finish the marathon, rest, stretch, and run smarter. I'm often envious of directors or writers who finish a project and then take some time to just THINK about the next one. This is often difficult in comics as we're a weekly business. But I knew I needed it.

"ALSO…The new arc of Superman after Absolute Power is a MASSIVE one. Lots of big moves happening there and I recognized I needed to spend some time on it to really make it land in the way I want it to.

"New comic projects: I've been offered some new comic projects that were difficult to turn down. I knew that I needed the headspace to really think about them. Give them the room to breathe and live in my head a bit before I start to put pen to paper. They are all projects I'm excited about, but I knew I couldn't just add them onto my already busy schedule. I needed to clean my plate, take some time to think about the new work, and then get started. I've learned that I am at my best when I'm not rushed, so that meant taken my time with these new ones. News on these later."

"Surprising opportunities: Because of my packed schedule, I've had to say no to a few projects in the past. But recently, I've had opportunities in front of me that were different and interesting in surprising ways. Different from what people would expect from me. It felt like the right time to work on them. I'm always looking and hoping for surprises in comics. And I find we often lack them. This last year, I realized that I was also looking for that in myself and my own work. That it was time to try something new."

Looking forward to finding out what, Joshua!


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