Keith Davidsen – From Bleeding Cool to Senior PR of IDW

Once upon a time Keith Davidsen worked for Avatar Press, owners of Bleeding Cool as Director of Sales & Marketing and was a regular writer for the website and magazine. He then went to work for Dynamite as a Marketing Director. At some point he was a brand manager at Diamond Comic Distributors and an editor for Sirius Entertainment. As of 2019 he will have worked in comics for twenty years.

Along the way he wrote a bunch of comics. Poison Elves, Reanimator, Evil Ernie and Pink Panther and the like.

And he is just one of the many comic book industry moves that suddenly seem to be flooding together…

About Rich Johnston

Head writer and founder of Bleeding Cool. The longest-serving digital news reporter in the world. Living in London, father of two. Political cartoonist.

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