Kickstarter Up The Ass! – From Ninjasaur To Jewish Women

So, one Kickstarter project has gone down in flames leaving nothing but… ashes.

Alex De Campi has promised to refund pledgers if they wish, and to everyone if no replacement artist can be found in a timely fashion.

If so, what will you spend your refund on? Here are a few suggestions.

Title: TJHS 1987

Creators: Randall P. Girdner

Funding for: Printing a strip collection.

Funded so far: $1 of $4500, 28 days to go.

Best reward: For $20, Randall P. Girdner will draw a caricature of you to appear, with your name, in the "yearbook" section of the book. You'll be forever immortalized with the characters of the comic strip as a member of their 7th grade class!

Pitch: TJHS 1987 is the story of Donny Godwin, a seventh grader venturing into the world of junior high for the first time (strips are published on the web at Told in the traditional newspaper strip format, the collected edition of TJHS will encompass all 365 strips in one volume.

Title: Unite And Take Over Volume 2

Creators: Shawn Demumbrum and various.

Funding for: We are planning to premiere Unite and Take Over Volume 2 at Record Store Day in April. We have 10 scripts that have been approved and turned over to the artists with several more nearing completion. As it stands, the book will be 100 pages in lengh. We are asking backers to help with the costs to print the book, license the print rights for lyrics use, and create some unique Kickstarter rewards. We have retailer and international backing options.

Funded so far: $755 of $6000 with 26 days to go.

Best reward: $10 – One copy with the cover of your choice of Unite and Take Over Volume 2. Thanks for supporting our first Kickstarter project. Canada/Mexico add $5 for postage.

Pitch: Volume 2 of Unite and Take Over, the Smith's tribute comic has a new group of comic creators as well as some returning artists and writersl, and the book will be released on Record Store Day, April 21st.  The Record Store Day cover is another Smiths inspired superhero cover with Johnny Marr by Volume 1 artist Jason Pedersen.  We are also have a Kickstarter "Ask Me" cover by Zenescope cover Artist Alfred Trujillo and are also working on a Pixies inspired comic anthology.

The concept for Unite and Take Over is pretty simple. What story plays in your head when you listen to your favorite Smiths song? I approached some of my fellow comic book creators and asked them to create 4-8 pages stories inspired by their favorite Smiths songs. The song acts as an inspiration, jumping off point, theme or mood for the story. Each story varies in style and genre.

Well I Wonder – Jamie S. Rich and Christoper Mitten
The Headmaster Ritual – Jonathan Goff and Jim Hanna
Half a Person – Eric M. Esquivel and Eric Schock
Oscillate Wildly – Christopher Murrin and Matt Goodall
London – Russell Hillman and Michael Stewart
Reel Around the Fountain – Jennifer de Guzman and Tracy Hui
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now – Dave Baker and Amy Tidwell
I Won't Share You – Dave Baker
A Rush, A Push and the Land is Ours – Brad Dwyer
Girl Afraid – Libbi Rich and April Reyna
Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before – Shawn Demumbrum and Jason Pedersen
Strech out and Wait – Jacob Gallegos and Oliva Peleaz
Sweet and Tender Hooligan – Adam Sanders and Chris Mendoza

Big Mouth Strikes Again – Christian Marra

Title: P Craig Russel's Guide To Graphic Storytelling

Creators: P Craig Russel

Funding for: The current Kickstarter goal amount is the bare minimum needed to complete approximately 60 minutes worth of instructional videos. If we can somehow make it over that goal, we would be able to spend additional time on animating the comic art for the lessons and improving the production values of the overall project. It would also enable us to produce additional high-quality segments for the DVD, and to help with the manufacturing of the discs. And of course, funds will also go towards the production and postage of our rewards. Please take a look at our amazing giveaways and consider helping to make this important project happen. Thank you for your time and attention!

Funded so far: $1937 of $3000 with 30 days to go

Best reward: $750 – Everything in the $300 pledge level, plus an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit during the opening titles of the GRAPHIC STORYTELLING DVD as well as on the outer DVD packaging and on the web series home page.

Pitch:  The purpose of the project is to increase the awareness of comics as a serious art form, and to teach processes and techniques that assist in the creation of effective graphic storytelling.

Approximately 60 minutes of lesson videos will be put online, free of charge, for students, educators, budding creators and anyone else interested in the visual arts. A companion DVD will be produced that contains all of the online video lessons, as well as additional segments that will be exclusive to the DVD.

Lessons include how to properly introduce your story, how to establish and visualize the emotional dynamics of your characters, the introduction of characters, the introduction and use of props, effective page composition, the use of parallel narrative and more.

Kickstarter Up The Ass! – From Ninjasaur To Jewish Women

Title: Believer

Creators: Chris Ullrich,  Joseph Dilworth Jr and Kris Carter

Funding for: The money we raise here will go to the artist for pencils and inks of the remaning pages of issue #1, to the artist for the color cover of issue #1, lettering of issue #1 and printing costs associated with printing at least 250 copies of issue #1.

It will also go to the various fees needed to pay Kickstarter and Amazon should we be successful in funding the project. If we have any money left, that will go towards completing as much of issue #2, #3 and #4 of Believer as possible.

Funded so far: $725 of $5000 with 30 days to go

Best reward: $10 – You will receive a thank you email from Chris and Joe, an online link to the pdf download of issue #1 and a PRINTED COPY of ISSUE #1.

Pitch: Believer tells the story of Jack Hollenbeck, disgraced Los Angeles police detective turned tabloid reporter and occasional private investigator who is hired by a mysterious woman and her aging father to locate an an ancient object of incredible value . . . and incredible power.

During the course of Jack's investigation and search for the object, he soon realizes things are not what they seem as sinister forces, human and otherwise, converge on Los Angeles to prevent him, by any means necessary, from finding the object.

Aided by a woman he doesn't really trust and relying on his wits, a few friends in the police who don't hate him, and his knowledge of ancient magics he's extremely reluctant to use, Jack must brave all manner of hardship to find the object before someone else does and uses its power to enslave mankind.

Kickstarter Up The Ass! – From Ninjasaur To Jewish Women

Title: Steamfunk

Creators: Zilla and Luke

Funding for: With this comic I'm looking for your support so that I can put in full time hours and more to make the best visuals I have ever made to date. I've been working on new styles and trained more with computer graphic capabilities for this comic. I need your support on this as I plan to put so much of my time into this that I won't have time for any other work. Zilla has a great story full of many wondrous imagery and I would love to put my best effort into drawing this to blow you away

Funded so far: $2,630 of $3000 with 30 days to go

Best reward: $15 – STEAM: GEAR Level Rewards + an extra signed copy of the printed comic for a friend (shipped together)

Pitch: Steamfunk is a sepia comic which is a bit of steampunk (duh), a pinch of diesel punk, western, and fantasy. Obvious influences are Wizard of Oz and Firefly, but the "funk" serves dual purpose referring to the musical references throughout the story as well as the state of the world the characters exist in. The story will follow the adventures of a trader/delivery girl, Deaux, as she gets pulled into the biggest job she's ever taken on. Issue 0 will be ~25 pages and completely ad free. The series is planned to be 8 to 10 issues, but consider Issue 0 the pilot. If successful there is a possibility of continuing work on more issues.

Title: Ninjasaur

Creators: Jason Horn

Funding for: This Kickstarter project is to fund the printing of a 150 page trade paperback that collects EVERY Ninjasaur story ever created.

I already have the printer lined up and I'm ready to make this book a reality…with your help. I have the proofs from the printer and they look good. This book will be printed locally on nice, thick paper stock. I appreciate your interest and support. Together, we can help all the little (and big) kids get the Ninjasaur book they've been dreaming of.

Funded so far: $1290 of $200 with 30 days to go

Best reward: $20 – DINO NINJA PACKAGE: You get a signed copy of the book with a Ninjasaur head sketch inside. This is a limited edition collection printed just for this Kickstarter. (If you are outside of the USA please add $10 to cover shipping)

Pitch: Ninjasaur fights ghosts, cavemen, mad scientists, aliens, a robot samurai rhinoceros, and Napoleon. This book is filled with extras. There is a sketchbook section featuring character designs and secret info you can't find elsewhere. And there is a guest artist pin-up gallery featuring Ninjasaurs by Guy Davis, Art Baltazar , Mike Maihack , Jemma Salume, and many more!

Title: Dixie Steinberg mini-comic

Creators: Susan Bridges

Funding for: This project will create a mini-comic adaptation of an original audio show produced by Pendant Productions (

We are producing this mini-comic so we can gauge interest and possibly produce full-length comics in the future. We have a full creative team working on this project right now!

This campaign will fund the art and printing costs of producing the mini-comic, written by Jeffrey and Susan Bridges with pencils by Jerry Gaylord, an Umket ad by Peng-Peng, and colors by Bryan "Flash" Turner!

Funded so far: $1278 of $2000 with 40 days to go

Best reward: Your name read on TWIP, and a copy of the mini-comic with YOUR NAME printed on the back as a good "not-a-Nazi"!

Pitch: "The Dixie Stenberg and Brassy Battalion Adventure Theater" was Pendant's first (and most popular) original show! Join daring test pilot Dixie Stenberg as she fights the Nazis with robots, rayguns and moxie to spare!

Since 2004, all of Pendant's shows have been created and distributed for free. We ask for fans old and new to support this new venture!

Title: Graphic Details: Confessional Comics By Jewish Women

Creators: Various

Funding for: Museums across North America are asking to schedule the show.  To do that, we have to produce exhibit components that can travel — think of the panels, wall text, and graphics you see at a museum show.

So we're here on Kickstarter to raise funds that will enable us to transform Graphic Details into a bona fide traveling exhibit.

Funded so far: $582 of $5000 with 23 days to go

Best Reward: $40 – Signed book by a Graphic Details artist, including "We Are On Our Own" by Miriam Katin, "Girl Stories" by Lauren Weinstein, "Escape from Special" by Miss Lasko-Gross, "Glitz-2-Go" by Diane Noomin, "The Impostor's Daughter" by Laurie Sandell – and catalog signed by a Graphic Details artist

Pitch: Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women is an acclaimed exhibit that puts women cartoonists in their place – on the walls of museums.

After successful runs in San Francisco, Toronto, and New York, we now have the chance to bring the work of these incredible artists to a wider audience. You can help us share this amazing part of comix history. See below for our roster of 18 incredible artists. The video you're watching is an excerpt from Miss Lasko-Gross' "The Turd", narrated by the artist! Special thanks to Yeshiva University Museum for the animated Prezi presentation.


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