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Kyle Rayner Hispanic Heritage Month Variant Cooks Up Controversy

September is Hispanic Heritage Month, and DC Comics plans to celebrate in the only way comic book companies know how to celebrate anything: with variant covers. Seven titles published in September will feature Hispanic Heritage Month variant covers featuring Hispanic DC Comics characters. Sounds simple enough, right? Well… this is the comics industry we're talking about, so it's never simple.


Of the seven variants, all but one seem to target one specific aspect of Hispanic Heritage: the food. Only the variant for Titans United, featuring Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, appeared to feature something other than a food theme, homaging La Patria, a painting by famous Mexican mural artist Jorge González Camarena.

Kyle Rayner Tamales
Titans United: Blood Pact #1 Hispanic Heritage Month variant unpublished draft by Jorge Molina

But when that cover was first revealed in June, artist Jorge Molina hinted it might not be the final product.

The actual cover that will see publication started making the rounds on social media this week, eliminating all traces of the homage in favor of bringing the cover in line with the tasty theme of the rest. But the change sparked criticism for both DC's stomach-centric theme in general as well as the perceived downgrade from referencing a well-known and important work of Mexican culture to sticking a grocery bag full of tamales with the word "tamales" on it in Rayner's hand instead. A delicious downgrade, for sure… but still.

Titans United: Blood Pact #1 Hispanic Heritage Month variant
Titans United: Blood Pact #1 Hispanic Heritage Month variant final version by Jorge Molina

In response to the online discussion, Molina had one thing to say:

That does say a lot, doesn't it? Final order cutoff for the variant is tomorrow. Leave your thoughts in what we're sure will be a lively comments section below. As for us… we're going to grab something to eat. For some reason, we're feeling a little hungry.

(W) Cavan Scott (A) Lucas Meyer (CA) Jorge Molina
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