Last Notes On The Many Deaths Of Laila Starr

The final issue of The Many Deaths Of Laila Starr arrived recently, and like with the first issue, I came away impressed. Here's why:

I read every issue of The Many Deaths Of Laila Starr for free, but I'll still buy the TPB. That's the heart of any criticism I have of any independent comic Ram V wrote. There's always room for improvement, sure, but fundamentally the art's strong and I'm drawn into the story.

But comics aren't just scripts, and if V's contributions are a known quantity, then the surprise of the outing must be Filipe Andrade and Inês Amaro's colors. The blues, pinks, and purples struck me, and I think they'll grab readers as well. Maybe it's a matter of being so used to traditional superhero coloring, but the colors, alongside Filipe Andrade's pencils leap off the page.

Last Notes On The Many Deaths Of Laila Starr's Final Issue
The cover to issue #5 of The Many Deaths Of Laila Starr

Case in point: Issue #5's cover, which is above. Look at the oranges and dark blues!

Filipe Andrade's pencils feel looser to me, though that may just be ignorance of his recent Marvel work. The last time I read him was the Siege mini-series. The Many Deaths Of Laila Starr is a vaguely reality based work, at least more so than Siege. Maybe that's a reason?

I'll avoid plot summary since it's the final issue of a mini-series, but you can probably intuit most of what happens. The question, of course, is how are you guided there by the team and what are the specifics?

It's an easy mark to call any work about life and death saccharine. I'm sure someone will. I didn't get that feeling closing the .pdf of The Many Deaths Of Laila Starr, though. There's a couple poetry snippets from Akur Puri in the issue. I'm not a poetry critic, so I won't pass judgement on them. Google doesn't find anything for Akur Puri before the publication of …Laila Starr #5, so it could be V writing. We don't know.

My comparison is Daytripper, the Vertigo comic from Gabriel Bá, Fábio Moon, and Dave Stewart also about the big questions. If you remember Daytripper fondly, you won't want to wait until January 2022 for the collection of The Many Deaths Of Laila Starr. Find those single issues, I think they'll reward you.

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