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Poison Ivy - Both Of Her
Then, simultaneously, the Batbooks reinvented her as Queen Ivy, looking to destroy Gotham (while keeping an eye out for Harley) and captured as a source for new drugs hitting the streets of Gotham. Today's Swamp Thing #2 by Ram V and Mike Perkins hits that dichotomy on the head.   Set in the Green, it would be totally[...]
PrintWatch: Ultramega, Chasing The Dragon and Laila Starr
Ultramega #2 and Ultramega #1 reprints will be available in comic book shops on Wednesday, the 26th of May; PrintWatch: Ultramega by James Harren #2, second printing Cover A by Harren – MAR218742  PrintWatch: Ultramega by James Harren #2, second printing Cover B 1:5 copy incentive – MAR218743 Ultramega by James Harren #1, third printing Cover A by Harren –[...]
DC Comics
Ram V is becoming one of the more exciting writers at DC Comics One of the White Noise Studios writers of London, he's been a regular on Bleeding Cool and it has been most enjoyable to see his meteoric rise through lockdown His Empyre Thor spin-off may have been stillborn courtesy of the pandemic, but[...]
Many Deaths Of Laila Starr, Ram V’s Something Is Killing The Children?
It's Ram V time! Boom Studios has been on a streak so far in 2021, which seemed unlikely given their record-breaking year in 2020, most notably launching Keanu Reeves' BRZRKR with Matt Kindt and Ron Garney as the highest-launching original comic book series since Image Comics began, almost 30 years and launching Grant Morrison's highest[...]
Boom Studios April 2021 Solicitations
Going to be a busy April for Ram V Catwoman, Justice League and Swamp Thing for DC Comics Carnage: Black, White And Blood for Marvel Comics The launch of Radio Apocalypse from Vault And now the launch of The Many Deaths Of Laila Starr with Felipe Andrade from Boom Studios Here are the Boom Studios[...]
Radio Apocalypse, New Ram V, Anand RK, Aditya Nidikar Comic From Vault
Vault Comics has announced Radio Apocalypse, a new comic book series "a mix-tape for the end-times, a story of the resilience & joy of music, love & the human spirit" from writer Ram V, artist Anand RK, letterer Aditya Bidikar and designer Tim Daniel. Radio Apocalypse #1 cover In his newsletter, Ram V says. Back in 2015 when[...]
Future State Swamp Thing Rewrites The New Anatomy Lesson
Today sees the publication of Ram V, Mike Perkins, June Chung and Aditya Bidikar's Future State: Swamp Thing from DC Comics Going forward thousands of years to a world that Swamp Thing either saved or destroyed, depending on your perspective With a Swamp Thing who has solved problems that initially vexed him And it goes[...]
DC Comics Previews March 2021
Ram V is one of a number of Britain-based comic book writers who have doing rather well in the US comic book industry of late Ram V is part of the White Noise studio that includes Alex Paknadel, Dan Watters and Ryan O'Sullivan, but also part of a social group that includes Si Spurrier, Kieron[...]
No Aquaman Comic From DC In March 2021, First Time In Ten Years
Justice League Dark was announced as a returning series from current writer Ram V and artist Xermanico at CCXP a couple, of weeks ago Well, it seems that there is a slip twixt cup and lip DC Comics March 2021 solicits state that it will, instead, be a back-up strip for the new Justice League[...]
Justice League Dark
Well, Justice League Dark will still be published in March possibly with a new #1 and still written by Ram V, who has currently writer on the series and on the Future State stories The new series will be drawn by Xermanico Ram V tweets "So yes! Also confirmed at the CCXP panel Justice League[...]
First Announced DC Comics Launch After Future State – Swamp Thing #1
The new post-Future State series will be written by Ram V, drawn by Mike Perkins, coloured by Mike Spicer and lettered by Aditya Bidikar (UPDATE: The Suicide Squad #1 relaunch details over here) Which is also the exact same creative team for Future State: Swamp Thing, with Spicer replacing June Chung, Could that be the pattern[...]
Auto Draft
Writer Ram V (Catwoman, Justice League Dark) was kind enough to send over an early copy of his next project with penciller Anand RK called Blue In Green After reading it, there were a couple of figurative melodies I couldn't get out of my head Here they are: Blue In Green cover Credit: Image Comics Is Blue In[...]
DC Comics Future State January 2021
"People were really excited to jump right in, especially someone like Ram V, when we talked about Swamp Thing, he and I got really caught up in Swamp Thing and Swamp Thing's past, and what are the things that we want to cover with Swamp Thing But then we took a step back and we[...]
Catwoman Has A New Magnetic Suit For DC Comics 5G Future State
Such as the new look for Catwoman, in a story by Ram V and Otto Schmidt Editor Jess Chen tweeted out; When the Future State: Catwoman magnetic suit design came in from @OttoSchmidt72 I literally screamed (and I still am, actually)!! Future State: Catwoman #1-2 out in Jan/Feb 2021! @therightram story @OttoSchmidt72 art @LiamRSharp cover @Ben_Meares edit assists ME[...]
DC Cancelled John Constantine Again? Justice League Dark #27 Spoilers
While the character's own title may be coming to an end, with no sign (as of yet) of being relaunched or being restarted, he continues to appear in the Justice League Dark series, currently written by his socially convivial London colleague, Ram V. Justice League Dark #27 Playing the cards he is dealt, as ever But this[...]