Latest Superhero To Get Her Own Comic Book Is… Lana Del Rey?!

Cover by Jim Towe
Cover by Jim Towe

Singer/Songwriter Lana Del Rey is getting a comic book, and no it's not made by StormFront Comics. Instead, Red Stylo Press is publishing an anthology of stories inspired by Del Rey's music, according to a press release discovered in a solicit on comiXology. Mario Candelaria pitched the idea after Red Stylo had success with Angel With a Bullet, a four issue series of stories inspired by Tom Waits.

Contributing to the project, which will be called Baroque Pop, will be the following creative teams:

Chuck Harrison & Luke Marrone
Daniel Charles & Ashley St. Lawrence (with Scott Ewen)
Jennie Wood & Chris Goodwin
Enrica Jang & Jan Velazquez
Mario Candelaria & Katarzyna Witerscheim
Michael Lynch & Mira Mortal
Eric Palicki & Daniel Earls

Additionally, the book will feature portraits by these artists:

Jim Towe
Adam Ferris (feat. Lesley Atlansky)
John Keaveney
Hoyt Silva
Fabian Lelay (feat Lesley Atlansky)

Set to debut in April at C2E2, Baroque Pop is seeking funding on Kickstarter, where a description reads:

BAROQUE POP is an eighty-page comic anthology produced by Mario Candelaria and is being released by Red Stylo Press. Inspired by the music of Lana Del Rey, Baroque Pop is a carefully curated selection of short form comics and illustrations celebrating love, loss, success, and change by comic creators who came together after finding mutual solace and inspiration in her music.

Baroque Pop is both an homage to Lana as well as a testament to the imagery and symbolism this modern day muse draws out of artists and writers. Her melodies invoke a sense of longing and wonder and endless hope. Mixed with instrumental tracks that feel cinematic in scope, her tunes practically invite the imagination to run wild painting tiny pictures with the emotions released in every bar, in every hook, until each album resembles a mosaic reflecting our deepest desires and secrets with each subsequent listening

In keeping with the music theme, the book itself will be printed at 7×7 inches to physically resemble a 45 RPM record cover.

The project has already raised over $1000 of its $4000 funding goal. It mentions no official association with Lana Del Rey beyond inspiration.

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