Lesbian Vampire Trope Alive And Kicking Five Years Later In Batwoman

Lesbian vampires. It comes with the territory. TV Tropes tells us,

She's got the raven-black hair, the tight leather bodice, the pale skin, and the fangs. The one thing this sexy vampiress doesn't have is a lust for hot male blood. No, only the blood of an innocent young woman will do. And lucky for her, the nightclubs are full of easily swayed bi-curious beauties.

However, she'd better be careful to make sure that her next victim doesn't have a handsome young boyfriend or older guardian ready to leap in and save the day, or she might end up in an urn…

The lesbian vampire is an old trope, stretching back to the 19th century novella Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu, which heavily inspired Bram Stoker's rather more famous Dracula. However, it didn't return into popular consciousness until the 1970s, when Hammer Horror made numerous films in which voluptuous countesses nibbled nubile young women. Since then, the trope has pretty much become the default setting for most female vampires, adding an extra layer of titillation to an already heavily sexualised mythological creature.

Well, Batwoman, currently the only lesbian lead mainstream American comic, is getting a look into her future, five years later.  From Batwoman: Futures End #1 in September,


Now a creature of the night, Batwoman turns against her former lover, Nocturna, in final, deadly conflict!


Yup. Vampire. But is this future so far away?

The next major story arc in the Batwoman series has her fighting the vampiric Nocturna. Will suggestions that Kate may become a vampire herself already… with the solicits for #34 saying,

This issue changes everything! Batwoman must make a choice that Maggie's not willing to make! And where does Nocturna fit into all of this?


What this means for her and Maggie Sawyer I don't know, but it doesn't sound good. But for fans of lesbian vampire stories, it's all gravy.

Marc Andreyko: It's going to be interesting to see fan reaction because there's going to be some seismic changes in her adventures.

It is indeed!

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