Let's get Grump out of bed

Alex Wilson writes for Bleeding Cool:

Beth Sotelo (colorist for Aspen Comics) started a Kickstarter Campaign to help fund her creator owned title, Grump. This 40 page book geared toward age 10 and up has an interesting premise.

Most neighborhoods have that one crazy house. It's wood is rotting. Weeds are flourishing. No matter what time of day it is, it's always in the shadows. Maybe you aren't afraid of that house, but you definitely won't be trick-or-treating there. Just to be safe.

That's where Grump lives.

Grump doesn't realize he's alone. All he knows is that something isn't right. It takes a series of unusual circumstances for Grump to finally meet some neighborhood kids. Now he's about to have his world shaken up!

Like it or not, Grump. You're going outside!

The art for the book looks exciting and original. This seems to be a story told with these unique characters that seem to be these incarnations of what we are on our base level. The main character, Grump, is persistent and keeps getting up. I feel most readers can relate to this story. We have all had trials in our lives, making it difficult to accomplish our goals. Grumps two friends, Periwinkle and Manny, show a contrast in character in all of us. Periwinkle is brave and looking for adventure while Manny is more timid and willing to stay in line. I think this is a great representation of the duality inside all of us. We have to balance our adventurous side with the side of personal responsibility. We also all have a Grump inside of us who wants to stay in bed all day. So let's all gather up some motivation and help Grump get out of bed.

The Kickstarter campaign features prints by Joe Benitez, Keu Cha, Kizer Stone, Beth Sotelo, and Peter Steigerwald. Depending on how much you donate you can receive digital downloads, prints, trading cards, yourself in Sotelo's unique Grump style, or everything.

The characters are interesting and dynamic, the art is unique and beautiful, and the story seems timeless.

Check out the Kickstarter page here.

Also, you get the whole book for $1. It's a 40 page full meal for $1. A 22-page comic book costs at least $3 and it's not a complete story. Do yourself a favor and throw $1 into the pot and look at all the other exclusives as well. There's some cool stuff.












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