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A League Of Extraordinary Ladies Joins Forces For A Night In California
The special guests included Babs Tarr (Batgirl), Paige Halsey Warren (Busty Girl Comics), Beth Sotelo (Fathom), Debbie Hogan (Dr Hogan-Berry's Extraordinary Emporium), Pam Hsi, and A Little Known Shop who were on hand to sign comics, draw commissions, and sell their wares. Quite a crowd collected to get sketches and autographs For Warren and Sotelo, who[...]
Let's get Grump out of bed
Alex Wilson writes for Bleeding Cool: Beth Sotelo (colorist for Aspen Comics) started a Kickstarter Campaign to help fund her creator owned title, Grump This 40 page book geared toward age 10 and up has an interesting premise. Most neighborhoods have that one crazy house It's wood is rotting Weeds are flourishing No matter what time of[...]