LGBTQ+ Superhero Comic The Pride Returns to Kickstarter Featuring Guest Writer Sina Grace

The Pride Adventures #5 has launched on Kickstarter, the latest from writer/creator and former Bleeding Cool contributor Joe Glass, and the first collection of new stories with The Pride characters since The Pride and The Pride Adventures were collected in Hardcover back in 2016. The issue features a story by guest-writer Sina Grace, of Iceman fame. Glass says each issue going forward will feature one story by a guest-writer, with Grace kicking things off.

The Kickstarter lays out what to expect from the 24-page comic, helpfully already formatted according to Bleeding Cool's style guidelines for bold and italics (you can take the writer out of the Bleeding Cool, but you can't take the Bleeding Cool out of the writer):

Readers will see in this issue the following adventures:

  • Twink and Wolf face a tense hostage situation, and tackle ideas of mental health, with art by Cem Iroz
  • Muscle Mary takes a powerful political challenge in a story of female empowerment and strength in a world of men that wants to shut them down, with art by Elizabeth Beals
  • The Pride look at the importance of pride events and their place in the modern world, illustrated by Jon Scrivens
  • White Trash stands down a far right fascist march in America, brought to life by Rhys Wootton
  • And finally, a tale of FabMan's continued dating woes, brought to you by guest writer Sina Grace (Nothing Lasts Forever, Marvel's Iceman) and Jon Cairns

The comic will also feature colour artwork by Ben Wilsonham and letters by Michael Stock, all wrapped in a glorious new cover by Jemma Salume!

Reasonable lowest reward tiers include £2 for a digital copy and £4 for a hard copy, which amounts to about three bucks and six bucks in American money or 0.00026 bitcoin and 0.00052 bitcoin. £10 and £29 get backers digital or hardcover copies of the first collected edition as well as the new comic. Various other reward tiers net different types or numbers of collectible Pride pins (which are all the rage these days).

Head to Kickstarter to back and secure your copy today. Check out the cover by Jemma Salume below, as well as the pitch video.

LGBTQ+ Superhero Comic The Pride Returns to Kickstarter Featuring Guest Writer Sina Grace

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