Luchadores In Space – Really High Above The Ropes

Nat Hopkins writes for Bleeding Cool:

WS1Do you like Wrestlers? Luchadores? Space exploration? Indie comics? Wacky and out of this world storylines?

Well, if you said heck yes to any or all of the above, then this comic is for you!

Wrestlers In Space is an amusing and out of this world comic about four Luchadores who are lost in space and are trying desperately to find their way back home. Exploring through unchartered lands, strange worlds and causing havoc wherever they step foot.

"Wrestlers In Space is like your favourite cartoon from the 80's that never happened"

On Day four of the campaign Comixology reached out to us and offered to provide our backers with digital redemption codes!

So now, All Digital Pledges will now include Redemption codes! This enables you to sync and streamline "Wrestlers In Space" with all your other comics.

Wrestlers In Space is a concept I have been working on for quite some time, I've always enjoyed the ancient art of Mexican Wrestling (Lucha Libre) and thought to myself, "Luchador masks are perfect for costumed heroes in the pages of comics and to throw some space exploration in the mix, would be a kooky idea" thus the conception of Wrestlers In Space.

My first comic "The Vagabond" depicts the dark & gritty life of a homeless man who constantly stumbles upon situations where he is forced to embrace violent vigilantism, and since working on Wrestlers In Space, it's been a nice change of pace with a story that is colourful and light hearted, but fear not, there is still plenty of Action.

The Team:
We've been so fortunate to be able to work with the best of the best, from Veterans of Animation to up & coming Comic Artists for this project.
Nathanael Hopkins-Smith:(Writer) The Vagabond
Francesco Chiappara:(Artist) Ape Entertainment: Croods/666 il male dentro
Sarah Harkey:(Artist) Bojak Horseman/John K Enterprises
Dean Rankine:(Artist) Itty Bitty Bunnies/The Simpsons/Mad Magazine
Simon A Wright:(Colourist) Zombie Cities
Nic J Shaw:(Letterer) Image/IDW/Gestalt

Pin Ups/Covers
Jim Smith:(Artist) The Ripping Friends/Ren & Stimpy
Randy Bishop:(Artist) Monomyth/The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Daniel Jacob:(Artist) Eye Candy Comics/The Apotamkin
Nath Wayne:(Artist) Rabbit Tree Design/Top Knot Detective
Gemma McCulloch:(Artist) Up and Coming
**More to be announced through out the campaign.

Big thanks to each and everyone of you in advance for taking the time to check it out, and for those who haven't already, go on and make a pledge!

Bonus to Bleeding Cool Subscribers I will be adding $4 digital price to a limited pledge of 20 backers
Nathanael Hopkins-Smith

WS2Interior Cover & Page by Francesco Chiappara, interior Colours by Simon A Wright

WS3Interior Cover by Jim Smith (top) & Interiors by Sarah Harkey (bottom)

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