Make America Marvelous Again – And Is This Really Why Diamondback Rejoined The Serpents?

Rachel Leighton, Diamondback, has been a supervillain for decades, but one who turned to the side of the angels. Ish.

She was part of the villianous Serpent Society but fell hard for Captain America, and eventually left the team. After dating Cap, forming a new team BAD Girls, then  settling down with Constrictor, she's recently been seen in the Captain America: Sam Wilson series back with the new Serpent Squad. So why the lifestyle change?

Well, Constrictor dies. Of cancer. The non-Human Torch kind. And Diamondback has the rent to pay, so…


Ah right. Of course, Where every seductive supervillainess ends up at the end of their career. With a Viper on hand to offer a better way. And someone who can get past the dress code at the strip joint in this getup.


He's an ex-ad man you see, very persuasive…


Hang on. This new Viper. He's Donald Trump, isn't he?

image (3)

I mean he's the only candidate who could say the above and see his following increase, right?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Who will be hosting a special New Year's launch party on Friday from 7pm, tying in to the release of issue 2 of Comic Heroes magazine, with Kieron Gillen, Jessica Martin, Paul Cornell, Rachael Stott and more.


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