Mark Hamill Fuels Speculation On Marvel Star Wars #49


Back in January, our very own Rich Johnston told you to keep an eye on Marvel Comics Star Wars #49, which has the title The Last Jedi right on the cover. As people made the realization that it may tie in SOMEHOW to Episode 8, people started buying up copies. Well, today none other than Mark Hamill fueled the speculation even more:


That's right, known collector Hamill is dropping hints pertaining to the issue himself. Is it going to have anything to do with the film? Only time can tell at this point, but you may want to grab copies while you can. When Rich published that article, unslabbed copies were selling for around $12. Just today, that have more than doubled to $30. Slabbed copies were selling for $150, at last completed listing have jumped again to $200. If nothing else, it is a fun story anyway…

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