Mark Millar's Absence From Civil War Documentary And The Joining Together Of Millarworld (UPDATE)

At SXSW, it was announced that Marvel would film a series of short documentaries under the label Tales To Astonish, focused on Marvel comic books. And the first would be on Civil War by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, with the likes of Stan Lee and Joss Whedon on hand to talk about the comics.


But someone who wouldn't be on the documentary is Civil War writer, Mark Millar. He writes,

Weird. First I heard about this. I hope they interviewed Steve.

No biggie, of course. I did this over 7 years ago now, which is crazy. Hope it works out for them and look forward to seeing more of this kind of thing.

When some of his message boarders protested, he wrote,

Haha. It's no biggie. I love the Marvel guys and proud of what we did with all those books there, but Millarworld is where my heart lies now

UPDATE: Or is he? Chris Arrant interviewing the director for Newsarama writes,

For this Civil War episode, Drath interviewed series writer Mark Millar,

I guess we'll find out. But Mark Millar has also been talking about his own crossover event, how the Millarworld titles will tie in as a universe.

The mystery of what links the Millarworld books together is actually very simple. The titles do have small connections and my plan, as I've always said, is to keep them small, but every now and then we'll get a little surprise. It's never going to be the case (God almighty no!) that you need to pick up one book to understand another. But little Easter eggs will always be found and some characters will dot around in the background or appear on TV or on a poster, but only in the most subtle way.


Everything is neatly explained in a single page of the final issue of Kick-Ass when it all wraps up issue after next (issue seven is at the printers now, issue eight all that's left). But you can see little clues. The second scene in Wanted #1 talks about the returned Jesus Christ having been assassinated by their own dark forces and we see what might be this scene in the upcoming American Jesus book. We see Jupiter's Legacy comics on the floor of Mindy's apartment and 1985 is referenced in, I think, Kick-Ass volume 1, issue 4, as people in a comic store talk about this book chronicling the Marvel characters coming here to the real world.


Stay tuned. The mystery gets explained very simply and then you just have to watch out for all the fun connectors and how it all links back into Wanted and what happened in 1985 when the heroes were disappeared.

Still no word on how or if The Unfunnies ties in, sadly. But this preview of MPH with Duncan Fegredo might show, at least, how the comic ties into 1985. By beginning there…

m1 m2 m3

And as to the future of Starlight?

It'll be sad to finish Starlight. I have ideas for two sequels, but I think we'll probably just do them as movies. Like Superior, I like where it ends as a book and might just keep it there in print form. I'm not sure, but it's such a good ending I think I'm wary of messing with it, though I could see where the movie sequels would go quite naturally. Fox is really excited about this. We're getting our director lined up right now, which is exciting and will of course be great for our collection.

He's a busy boy. No wonder we haven't seen much of GrannyComics2 of late…

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