A Comic Show &#8211 Convergence Why You Gotta Be Like That

A Comic Show – Convergence, Why You Gotta Be Like That?

But does he even want to be found, or is Keith, Prince of the Dance Floor finally at home? Millar's MPH is out in collection, pop some speed and read it in one sitting Lady Mechanika continues it's streak of actually coming out on time And Uncle Scrooge #1 is here telling old duck tales[...]

Swipe File: MPH And Eurekas Blink

Swipe File: MPH And Eureka's Blink

 This is MPH, the comic book from Mark Millar and Duncan Fegredo published by Image Comics, with issue 5 up for FOC today Featuring speedsters hopped up on a disocovered wonder drug, MPH, that gives them excellent speeding skills, which they put to naughty use.But might it have had an earlier iteration as the drug of[...]

Bleeding Cools Best Publisher Of 2014

Bleeding Cool's Best Publisher Of 2014

Month after month, they launched quality comics such as Deadly Class, Minimum Wage, Egos, The Fuse, Undertow, Revenger, Apocalypse Al, Mercenary Sea, One Hit Wonder, Real Heroes, Sovereign, Starlight, Noah, Tales Of Honor, Southern Bastards, The Field, Shutter, Dream Police, Self Obsessed, Genesis, Shotgun Wedding, MPH, C.O.W.L., Madame Frankenstein, Nailbiter, Rise Of The Magi, Trees, Outcast,[...]

31 Thoughts About 31 Comics &#8211 The Walking Dead Death Of Wolverine MPH Batman Eternal Ms Marvel Caliban Constantine Death Vigil Velvet Copperhead Regular Show Amazing Spider-Man Spread Edge Of Spider-VerseThomas Alsop Rot &#038 Ruin Suicide Risk Avengers Inhuman Hawkeye Magneto Black Market My Little Pony Cyanide And Happiness GI Joe Hexed Judge Dredd Transformers Teen Dog TMNT and Wilds End

31 Thoughts About 31 Comics – The Walking Dead, Death Of Wolverine, MPH, Batman Eternal, Ms Marvel, Caliban, Constantine, Death Vigil, Velvet, Copperhead, Regular Show, Amazing Spider-Man, Spread, Edge Of Spider-Verse,Thomas Alsop, Rot & Ruin, Suicide Risk, Avengers, Inhuman, Hawkeye, Magneto, Black Market, My Little Pony, Cyanide And Happiness, GI Joe, Hexed, Judge Dredd, Transformers, Teen Dog, TMNT and Wilds End

Meanwhile, MPH sees our protagonists turn Robin Hood.If only for the PR angle The Death Of Wolverine gives us a look at what it is to be Tony Stark.As well as a look at the script that formed it.As for bossy ladies, there's quite a lot of that going around In The Walking Dead...In the launch[...]

45 Thoughts About 45 Comics &#8211 Original Sin X-Men Red Sonja Regular Show The Last Broadcast Witcher Lone Ranger Aphrodite XI Witchfinder Batman And Ras Al Ghul Futures End MPH Alex + Ada Minimum Wage Batwoman Wolverine And The X-Men Uncanny X-Men Iron Man Clive Barkers Next Testament Sex Criminals Wonder Woman Auteur Kill Shakespeare Doodle Jump Winter World Magnus Eye Of Newt Axecop Brainboy Buffy BPRD Star Wars Turtles x2 Star Trek Samurai Jack The Wicked And The Divine Powerpuff Girls My Little Pony Littlest Pet Shop Unity Harbinger Adventure Time Loki Thomas Alsop And Translucid

A Drunk Mark Millar On BBC Newsnight And Previews Of MPH #2

A Drunk Mark Millar On BBC Newsnight And Previews Of MPH #2

There's also a clip on YouTube, but as Mark says, If you click the iPlayer link you'll get an extra 2 min intro, a very cool thing I didn't expect being LOADS OF SPOILERS for issue 2 as we sent about 50 pages to Newsnight before the show [youtube][/youtube]There's the usual overclaim, and Mark Millar has deconflated[...]

Orbiting Around Saga Velvet Invincible Elektra And More Plus Malibu Shark Attack

Orbiting Around Saga, Velvet, Invincible, Elektra, And More Plus Malibu Shark Attack

[audio:]Bleeding Cool welcomes back The Orbiting Pod, the podcast of Orbital Comics in London.They say:Welcome to Episode 152 of The Orbiting Pod!This week, we play dress up with Saga #19, splash around with Velvet #5, cross the line with Invincible #111, test the speedometer with MPH #1, discover you only live once with Elektra #2[...]

Maxxs Super Awesome Comic Review Show &#8211 From Forever Evil To Original Sin And Saga

Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show – From Forever Evil To Original Sin And Saga

Happy Anniversary Turtles!Don’t forget to check out our facebook page!New Comic Book Releases for the week of May 21, 2014Books reviewed in this episode are:Image Comics: Invincible #111 Titan Comics: Ordinary #1 (of 3) DC Comics: Justice League Of America #14 DC Comics: Justice League #30 DC Comics: New 52 Future's End #3 Image Comics: Saga #19 Marvel Comics: Original Sin[...]

Just How Fast Did Mark Millar Go Through Detroit For MPH #1 Anyway

Just How Fast Did Mark Millar Go Through Detroit For MPH #1, Anyway?

Does anything exist like this in the States where prisoners can improve their skills for release?What's the absolute smartest way to reduce your sentence ethically if you're in on a 15 year drugs charge? What would good behaviour get you down to and what other actions could be taken to get out ASAP? It would be[...]

A Comic Show &#8211 Justice Lexs Forever Ego

A Comic Show – Justice Lex's Forever Ego

Finally MPH, the new Millar vehicle, simply makes a drug like speed give you super speed, and this adderall addicted fanboy is hooked just with the proof of concept!Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes:Hey Fandom, it's Aaron from A Comic Shop with a big stack of New Comics Now! This[...]

Mark Millars MPH Optioned For Big Screen Adaptation

Mark Millar's MPH Optioned For Big Screen Adaptation

But here is another to the list.THR reports Millar's MPH, which doesn't even come out until next month, has been optioned by Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who also produced Transformers and G.I Joe And this one isn't going to Fox - at least not yet The filmmakers will hire a writer to adapt it before setting[...]