MARVEL: Cup o' Joe Panel at SDCC 2014

MARVEL: Cup o' Joe Panel at SDCC 2014

By Joe Glass

Coming live from the Marvel: Cup o' Joe panel where we're promised to see some pretty big stuff, so stay here to

keep up to date with all the latest announcements, and we'll update with images as quickly as we can too.

The panel is comprised Joe Quesada (naturally), Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, talent scout CB Cebulski, senior editor Nick Lowe, editor Jordan D. White and writer Dan Slott. We're also promised other Marvel guests too, but whom we do not know.

20140726_145125The panel starts in twenty minutes, though the much bigger hall is already filling up fast and more than the last DC panel I covered. I think there's a lot of people excited about the kind of things that may come up here.

So keep tuned, guys, this should be fun!

Clip shown of animated film Iron Man/Captain America: Heroes United, full CGI

Very much like the pair's relationship in the movies, as they face off against Hydra who are ransacking some kind of Helicarrier type ship. The film is out July 29th

Exploring the 75th Anniversary in October, including variant covers ith Hasbro toys recreating classic covers with the toys

Discussing The Legendary Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon, with GotG out next week

20140726_145338Discussing Guardians of the Galaxy 3000, featuring the original team, we move onto Silver Surfer

Slott will be fighting Galactus coming up, and going to whole sections of the Marvel Universe that are never touched on

20140726_145627Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man, Katie, Miles' girlfriend has a big secret and it may nt have been wise for Miles to have shared his secret identity with her

"Miles & Jean Grey: let the shipping begin"….they might not all come home, as the All New X-Men team go to the Ultimate Universe

20140726_145744"Speaking of the internet yelling at me" discussing Dazzler, being angry and massive visual change. Massively praised Kris Anka, and announced new Annual coming that will finally discuss what happened to Tempus including X-Men 2099, Rawhide Kid and more guest stars

20140726_150008 20140726_150022Then discussing The United States of Murder Inc, with issue 4 coming soon. Moving onto Kick-Ass, the final issue coming to a tumultuous ending. Painkiller Jane in August. Men of Wrath coming by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney

20140726_150805STAR WARS announcement

20140726_150207Like working on a direct sequel to the original film, Aaron is so excited to be working on it. Picks up right after Star Wars and before Empire Strikes Back, Cassaday too is a massive fan

20140726_150816Alonso promises more announcements, and with the best and brightest talents

All your favorite characters at the height of their powers, and this will be all part of lucas film continuity too

Star Wars is an ongoing series

20140726_150440Also ongoing, Star Wars: Darth Vader, takes place at exact same time, and written by Kieron Gillen and art by Salvador Larroca, discussing how he went from being responsible for the massive loss to the Empire at the end of A New Hope to becoming even more powerful in Empire Strikes Back

Read Darth Vader for bounty hunters too

20140726_150619Star Wars: Princess Leia by Mark Waid and Terry Dodson, a limited mini series in March, as she finally can be seen mourning Alderaan and where she takes her responsibilities after her planet is destroyed. An ongoing series of mini-series, more announcements coming soon. Leia is a five issue series.

Now into the Q&A session

Boba Fett will definitely be seen in Star Wars comics, but no mini yet by the sound of it. Timeline wise, he wouldn't fit easily

Question about the expanded universe, White says its at the discretion of LucasArts film, as they are not set in that period, the comics have no plans

20140726_154200Maria Hill series? Bendis likes that idea. Quesada says it's never been suggested (though I bet I know a few people who'd love to do just that)

Alonso says they have some plans for SHIELD

There are plans for Shang Chi and his mysterious father, just discussed at recent retreat

Where to start with Marvel comics who only knows about the film and TV? Quesada recommends using the recommended reading sections of digital apps

Alonso suggests the Marvel NOW and ALL New Marvel NOW too

Will Daimon Hellstorm get a more prominent part in the MU? No plans

Can they talk about what got the ball rolling for Miracleman reprints? Far too complicated to discuss here, but as a huge fan, Quesada could not be more happy about it being at Marvel. It was a long, hard labor of love

"It was a miracle, man"-Axel Alonso

Will Angel get a larger role? Next few issues of All New are Angel focused, as Angel and X-23 hook up. Lot going to go on with him

Any trans characters or stories coming? Alonso, yes! You may be seeing something about that very soon

Cancelling X-Men or FF rumours? Alonso "We're not cancelling anything". They wouldn't be promoting the Death of Wolverine so much (which amazingly caused a gasp of surprise from one member of the audience), and equally with the Fantastic Four, at the recent retreat they discussed a massive event that will involve at least two of the team

Bendis says he just got off the phone with Mike Marts when the X-Men rumour first came out, after discussing plans taking the X-Men forward for ' a very, very long time'

There will be a lot of Superior Spider-Man in Spider-Verse

The next question comes from a Spider-Minion cosplayer, the first that Slott had ever seen. What happened to Doc Ock's body? Slott, maybe it wasn't one of the goblins, but we will find out. The Minion then gets taken up on stage

Why is there not a Deadpool animated feature? Lots of awesome Deadpool comics plans coming up, but no animated plans. Lots of great minis too.

Any plans to bring back characters from the last time Marvel had Star Wars, especially Jax the Bunny (?)? Aaron will try to slip it past White with every script

Bendis says the Ultimate Universe will be on people's lips a lot in the next 6 months, lots of shocks

What prevented the All New X-Men to return home will be an ongoing mystery, but Hank McCoy has done a lot of things he shouldn't have done, and Hank McCoy is going to pay for these things…look for the Trial of Hank McCoy coming very soon

Will we see Marvel Zombies coming back? Yes, lots of discussion at the last retreat

20140726_153730Question on OGNs? Mentioned the announced Avengers: Rage of Ultron coming next year, and went through the existing OGNs. Alonso says reception has been fantastic, they will do more and more adventurous ones too, and there are already more planned but they can't discuss now

Dazzler fan: any way there'll be a Dazzler ongoing? If the response to Dazzler in Uncanny X-men continues to go what it's like now, nothing to stop it – Bendis

Any talk of bringing back characters or eras from The Hidden Years? No plans yet, but love digging into unknown history

Question for the Spider-Minion: What do YOU think happened to Doc Ock's body? SLOTT: SILENCE!

The Darth Vader comic, will he portrayed as a fallen figure too? WHITE: obviously, it's part of it, it will all being taken into account, they can reference everything from the originals to the prequels

Vader will also be appearing majorly in the Star Wars comic too. AARON: He's still in our book as the main bad guy

Eddie from Comic-Con comes up now with a surprise for Joe. An Inkpot Award is presented to Joe Quesada. This leads to a massive standing ovation. A choked up Quesada gives an acceptance speech praising the talent who work beside him who he feels are the ones really deserving, he feels they got him where he is, and thanks them all.

Question about comics made for the digital medium, the panel bring up Infinite comics

Last Question: what can you share about the new Thor, is she actually called Thor? Yes, she will be called Thor, the new book is the evolution of the transformative mythology, you bet your ass it's a Thor story


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