Marvel Launches Evolution Of Howard The Duck Variant To Follow Ant-Man Shrinking Variant


It was a very clever printing trick. The Ant-Man #1 Shrinking Variant was individually numbered, featuring a different sized Ant-Man on every single cover. Like this.

$_57 (13)

Now Marvel is doing it again. But in a way I can't quite fathom.

The Howard The Duck #1 Evolution Of Howard Variant, will again see every issue uniquely different. With Howard shown in a different evolutionary phase on every single cover, each again individually numbered.

Some kind of morphing program maybe, that can create thousands of different looking Howards? I have no idea.

But retailers who order 150% of their total orders of Original Sin #8 of their standard order of Howard The Duck #1 can order as many of the Evolutionary Variant as they like on top…

The ICV2 estimate (which doesn't include Non-North American sales) gave Original Sin #8 an estimated order number of over 90,000. If every retailer took advantage of this offer, orders would have to be 135,000 with any Evolutionary Variants on top of that…

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