Marvel Staff to Benefit from Ike Perlmutter's Trump Donations After All

Ike Perlmutter's close personal friendship, advice, and financial support is finally going to have a positive benefit for Marvel! According to a report from CNBC, Disney plans to pay more than 125,000 employees a $1000 bonus each, and also to invest $50 million in employee education programs. The reason: the recent tax reform bill, the landmark achievement of Donald Trump's presidency. Disney isn't the first company to share the wealth being distributed to them by the tax cuts with employees. However, Disney is the first company whose employees include those at Marvel Comics, whose Chairman, remember, is Ike Perlmutter.

ike perlmutter donald trump
Donald Trump shakes hands with Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter at a bill signing.

Ike and his wife Laura donated heavily to Trump during and after his campaign. In 2016, the Perlmutters contributed 1/3 of the total funds collected by the Trump Foundation, Trump's "charity." Trump once referred to Perlmutter as "one of the great men of business," and he's relied on Ike's advice during his presidency too. In addition to dining with the president regularly at Mar-a-Lago and flying on Air Force One, Perlmutter been an official advisor on the subject of veterans' healthcare. Trump famously gave Ike the pen he used to sign a bill.

So it's fair to say that Ike Perlmutter helped Donald Trump get elected and to keep him there. It's also fair to say that, by buying Marvel comics, which puts more money in Ike's pocket, which Ike uses to support Trump, Marvel's readers also helped get Trump elected and to keep him in power. And for many on the anti-Trump end of the political spectrum, which Twitter reveals is a good portion of Marvel's staff, that might seem like a serious moral conundrum. But for any mental anguish caused by such a conflict, an extra thousand bucks in the pocket might help ease the suffering.

Non-executive full and part-time employees working for Disney prior to January 1st are eligible for the bonus, which will be split in half and delivered in March and September. Executive employees will have to settle for the regular cash windfalls the Trump tax cuts have earned them. The education program will be available to hourly employees working for Disney, and is in addition to existing Disney education reimbursement programs.

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