Marvel Teaser Asks: Who Are the Asgardians of the Galaxy?

Marvel is at it again, working their magic with tantalizing teasers for events that will shake the Marvel Universe to its foundation and ensure that nothing is ever the same again. And by that, we mean they've photoshopped some plain text and a logo onto a black background, applied a glow effect, and sent it out as a teaser to the comics media.

This one, however, we have to admit, is a little bit interesting, pointing out: "The Guardians of the Galaxy are no more… who are the Asgardians of the Galaxy?" A new status quo? Something having to do with Infinity Countdown Wars Prime? Side note, how exactly does one count down to or from Infinity? Wouldn't they be counting forever? All of these questions and more will be revealed… or not… in some upcoming Marvel super-mega-crossover event.

Post your speculation below, true believers!

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