Marvel Unveils Russell Dauterman Designs for X-Men Hellfire Gala

Ah, the Hellfire Gala. It's the most Marvel-ous of Marvel events, an event seemingly tailor-made for the mass production of variant covers. This time around, Marvel isn't even bothering with making a big crossover out of the whole thing. Instead, they're just putting out a Hellfire Gala one-shot and pumping out variant covers across the line. IT's one of Joe Quesada's 22 Cheap Sales Posting Gimmicks that Always Work! It's pure, unadulterated capitalism, Marvel style! Excelsior, motherf—ers!

Or, as the latest press release from Marvel puts it:

This June, mutantkind is hosting another night of captivating drama, high stakes action, and exposed secrets in X-MEN: HELLFIRE GALA #1. Making sure your favorite characters hit Krakoa's Green Carpet in style, superstar artist Russell Dauterman is back leading a handful of the industry's most inventive artists in redefining Marvel fashion. Dauterman will contribute 11 new looks, the majority of which will also be featured on variant covers throughout the month of June.

Marvel has unveiled those fashion designs for eleven mutants that will "be featured on variant covers throughout the month of June." Do these designs captivate you? Do they captivate you enough to get you to shell out five bucks for a variant? If so, they have accomplished their purpose.

"I'm so thrilled to do all this design work!" said Dauterman in the press release, counting large stacks of dollar bills (it's comics, it's not like he's getting a huge cut). "My general thought with the Gala designs is that they should be high fashion super hero costumes — looks that reflect the characters' personalities, and could work on a runway or a battlefield."

For more fascinating quotes like that, and to learn how Dua Lipa inspired the look for Wolverine, head over to Marvel's website. If you just want to see the designs, scroll down and enjoy, true believers! And be sure to show your appreciation in the tip jar (I.E. by buying some variant covers at your local comic shop).


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