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Comic Store In Your Future: Do I Sell Art or Books?
At times, I do not even know what a cover image looks like when I place orders (Star Wars action figure variant covers come to mind), so I am ordering blind Art is subjective What I may find as fantastic artwork, others may think the opposite, and of course, there is the flip side that[...]
Boom Studios Slashes Variant Cover Numbers By 15% At ComicsPRO
As we previously mentioned, the preponderance of variant covers have been an issue expressed among retailers, in terms of increasing market confusion, increasing their workload, and for valuing covers over the content of the comic books within So Boom Studios certainly got our attention with the announcement that they are reducing their variant cover output[...]
Marvel Unveils Russell Dauterman Designs for X-Men Hellfire Gala
It's the most Marvel-ous of Marvel events, an event seemingly tailor-made for the mass production of variant covers This time around, Marvel isn't even bothering with making a big crossover out of the whole thing Instead, they're just putting out a Hellfire Gala one-shot and pumping out variant covers across the line IT's one of[...]
Marvel Unveils Madelyne Pryor Variants for Final Issue of Hellions
But Hellions is going out with a bang by adding four variant covers to make sure Marvel gets the most money as possible, and they're going to get that money through the power of Madelyne Pryor's underboob! That's right, The Goblin Queen is set to return in Hellions #18, and she has her sights set on[...]
Marvel to Recycle Joe Jusko Trading Cart Art for October Variants
Marvel Comics will combat climate change this October by recycling Joe Jusko's Marvel Masterpieces trading card art for a series of variant covers, the publisher announced via press release Monday The Masterpieces trading card line had its heyday in the 1990s, but now all of that art will make money for Marvel once again, reborn[...]
Image/Skybound Release Pride Month Charity Variant Covers
In celebration of Pride Month this June, Skybound Entertainment will release a line of nine variant covers featuring art by LGBTQI+ creators All proceeds  from the sales of these Pride Month variant covers will be donated to the Transgender Law Center, the largest national trans-led organization advocating for a world in which all people are free to[...]
Space Pirate Captain Harlock: Ablaze Reveals Variant Covers for Comic
A total of 5 variant covers have been created by Matsumoto and French artist Jerome Alquié. "Space Pirate Captain Harlock #2" cover by Jerome Alquié, ABLAZE Captain Harlock first appeared in Leiji Matsumoto's manga, also titled Space Pirate Captain Harlock, which was published in 1977.  An anime adaptation followed in 1978, and the character went on to star in[...]
Marjorie Finnegan: Temporal Criminal #1: More Variant Covers Unveiled
Garth Ennis' much-buzzed-about MARJORIE FINNEGAN: TEMPORAL CRIMINAL is getting more variant covers coming for its 1st issue Hank Kwon of Bulletproof Comics in Brooklyn said, "When I was offered a chance to work with a legend, I was in awe and immediately jumped at the chance I have always enjoyed reading Garth Ennis's work[...]
American Ronin: AWA Studios Announces Exclusive Variant Cover Program
AWA Studios will launch American Ronin #1 with variant covers as part of Upshot Studios' Retailer Exclusive Variant Program Ever since launch, the publisher has directly supported retailers worldwide by engaging the comic book retailer community with their ARC (AWA Retail Council) They provide comic shops with advance information, discounts, materials, and marketing support to[...]
Jeffrey Veregge Creates Native American Heritage Variant Covers for Marvel
Veregge, who just wrapped up his exhibition Of Gods and Heroes at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, also lent his talents to produce a series of variant covers for comic books published in November The Native American Heritage Tribute Variant Cover will include characters Dani Moonstar, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Iron[...]
The Return Of Marvel Comics Exclusive Variant Covers in October
Or, if nothing else, attract custom from collectors around the world, as that one store is the only place that this exclusive cover can be found. The Return Of Marvel Comics Exclusive Variant Covers in October Here are eight that Marvel is lining up for October, beginning with the X Of Swords mid-point, Stasis, the revelation of[...]
Marvel to Publish 33 Alex Ross Timeless Sketch 1:100 Variant Covers
Marvel Comics has already shown off its Alex Ross Timeless variant covers coming to a comic book near you in October But here comes the hard sell Marvel will also be providing virgin sketch versions of the Alex Ross paintings as 1:100 Which for the uninitiated, means that for every copy of this a retailer[...]
More Alex Ross Timeless Marvel Variant Covers For October 2020
Last month, the first of Alex Ross' Timeless variant covers for Marvel Comics were unveiled in their solicitations Now we get to see the additional covers in this collection coming your way this October These covers feature the likes of Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Jean Grey in painted portraits, depicted in their classic costumes Twent-eight in[...]
Howard the Duck #1 Evolution of Howard Incentive Variant Front Cover
Marvel, Dynamite, and the rest like DC, Image, IDW, and Boom (to a lesser degree), as they try to drive up orders by offering tiered variant covers.  Variant covers are a comic book standard now and one of the biggest griping points for retailers and fans Most retailers, though, increase orders (at least somewhat) to[...]
wonder woman 1984
This included a number of variant covers for comic books lined to the Wonder Woman 1984 movie As well as direct market comic books being delayed, that movie has also been rescheduled As a result, DC Comics is to delay those variant covers as well That's if they are even able to punish the non-variant versions[...]
Marvel Shows Off Their 2099 Variants for November
This November, Marvel Comics will break a new record, publishing two-thousand-ninety-nine variant covers in a single month! The House of Ideas, whose main idea is pretty much always "make more variant covers," revealed the news in a press release on their website It's unclear how Marvel will manager to produce this many variant covers in[...]
Tenth Doctor Gets a Cover Collection from Titan in July
Regular covers, variant covers, lenticular covers, retailer covers, die-cut covers, polybagged covers, connecting covers… whatever your poison, there's a cover that will give you your fix Some very special comics have more variant covers than interior pages From Titan Comics this Summer, fans of Doctor Who and Titan's Tenth Doctor comic book series will be able[...]
Image Reveals Final Five Pride Month Variants, For A Full Set Of Eleven
As we previously reported, Image Comics will be releasing eleven variant covers in June, celebrating the LGBTQ community and the progress made by the Gay Liberation Movement in promoting inclusivity and support for all, with 100% of the proceeds from the June Pride variant covers donated to Human Rights Campaign We were treated to six variant[...]
Preview 11 Variant Covers For Titan Comics' Assassin's Creed #1
Titan Comics has revealed the variant covers of Assassin's Creed #1 that will be available on October 14, 2015 This all-new series features all-new adventure in the Assassin's Creed world, giving fans the perfect opportunity to further immerse themselves in the Assassin's Creed world before the new Assassin's Creed game, Syndicate hits stores on October[...]
Why Variant Covers Matter
Monty Nero writes, A couple of weeks ago Image dropped the news they're only doing store specific variant covers for trade collections Their statement paints variant covers for regular monthly comics in a rather negative light, so I thought it might help to outline another perspective As a writer and comic artist for a creator owned[...]
Archie Vs. Predator #2 Variant Covers By Robert Hack And Dustin Nguyen Revealed
Dark Horse Comics reveal two variant covers for Archie Vs Predator #2 for us this morning, and they stem from the minds of Robert Hack and Dustin Nguyen no less The first issue of the comic, which arrives April 15th, has already been announced to have variant covers by Eric Powell and Francesco Francavilla The[...]