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WWE Chairman Vince McMahon loves money.
Do you smell that stench? It's the rotting corpse of American exceptionalism swiftly decomposing into a pile of maggots hatched from the eggs of unfettered capitalism Back in April, WWE laid off or furloughed dozens of employees and independent contractors, right during the worst part of a global pandemic, and at the start of an[...]
This Preview of Jimmy Olsen #9 Dismantles Capitalism
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #9 is in stores from DC Comics next week, and as the world descends into chaos from coronavirus pandemic, this preview takes the opportunity to skewer the capitalist system that may have left us all without adequate resources to combat the threat. As Jimmy Olsen and his family do a Peanuts pastiche. In[...]
Capitalism and Nepotism Collide in Tomorrow's Ducktales #20
Gyro Gearloose! Making matters worse, this intern, Fethry, appears to be totally incompetent! But since he's related to the boss, he gets this coveted (but unpaid position), regardless of merit! Does it matter if this will wreak havoc for Gyro's science? Do capitalists care about science anyway? Perhaps Scrooge is hoping Fethry will sabotage Gyro's important climate[...]