Marvel Gives $1 Venom Reprint a Second Printing

It may not have made the Bleeding Cool Bestseller List — but some retailers reported the True Believers: Venom vs. Spider-Man reprint of Amazing Spider-Man #300, published by Marvel Comics for one dollar, made it into their individual top 10 lists.

Quite a few publishers now publish $1 reprints of first issues or classic comics. The one for The Walking Dead is now itself a valuable collectors item. But this was the first time I have ever seen such a comic enter any retailers' top 10.

So successful has this reprint of the first appearance of Venom been, more than any of the other Venom reprints created for the character's 30th Anniversary, that it has gone back to a second print. Or possibly a third print, if you want to get technical.

Still only a dollar. Look for it in stores on 18th of April — unless it sells out and goes to third (fourth) print.

Here's what the first (second) print looks like, which has sold on eBay from $3 to $60 (to someone who possibly may have made a mistake).

(W) David Michelinie (A/CA) Todd McFarlane
Reprinting Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #300
SRP: $1.00

And here's the original.

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