Marvel's Jordan White Reboots a Major X-Men Franchise, #XMenMonday

In a move that could end a power struggle which has rocked the comic book industry for months, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White has made a deal to end #XMenMonday on Twitter and bring the weekly feature as an EX-X-XCLUSIVE to comic book website Adventures in Poor Taste. AIPT announced the news on Twitter:

Apparently, in addition to sharing the traditional previews, White will also take reader questions (presumably no controversial ones, but we'll have to wait and see).

White was promoted to Senior Editor at Marvel following claims he made about being able to get Bleeding Cool to publish an article about anything he tweets on a Monday provided he withholds the vital #XMenMonday tweets, but in the following weeks, Bleeding Cool proved that it would not do that, instead publishing articles on Tuesday, or publishing multiple articles on Mondays (that is more than "an" article).

White has waffled on whether to cancel the weekly tradition entirely or to relaunch it as #XMenTuesday, but instead it looks like he'll be taking his ball and allying himself with another comic book website in hopes that it can protect him from Bleeding Cool's scathing commentary and willingness to hold White accountable for his responsibility to tweet things about the X-Men on Mondays.

Of course, White knows that the #XMenMonday previews are an important part of the 24-hour comics news cycle's click economy, needed by comic book websites to produce the click bait articles that pay the bills (bills are paid in clicks). By making #XMenMonday an EX-X-XCLUSIVE at a single comic book website, White can better control the narrative, while AIPT gets the glory and the most lucrative clicks, including reference links when the previews and Q&A are inevitably picked up by other websites for clickbait articles anyway.

Further, White's move calls into question the ethics of taking a tradition born on Twitter and privatizing it. Does anyone truly own a hashtag? Nonetheless, it's a shrewd move on both White and AIPT's part, and we'll be sure to keep an eye on both of them in the future…not because we suspect them of doing anything wrong, but because we need to steal…er, source their content for the clicks.

Marvel's Jordan White Reboots a Major X-Men Franchise, #XMenMonday

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