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Marvel's Jordan White Wants an Archie-Style Love Triangle with Cyclops, Jean Grey, & Emma Frost

Despite worrying signs last week that Jordan White could cancel his weekly #XMenMonday Q&A session, the power-mad Marvel Senior Editor appeared on Adventures in Poor Taste again this week to discuss X-romances. And naturally, the biggest stud in all of X-Men comics came up: Cyclops. Which pairing for Cyclops was better, Cyclops and Jean Grey or Cyclops and Emma Frost? White didn't hesitate in answering:


And he had an explanation:

Look, you asked for me to answer, and I did. I answered truthfully. If all three of them are ever alive and in the comics together at the same time and Scott has to choose between the two of them… I think Jean is his endgame. I know Emma loves him, I am not saying she doesn't, and he loved her, too… But you know what? Emma can do better. Nothing against Scott–he's great. But I think there's someone out there for Emma that could really make her her best self. Any suggestions?

Better than Cyclops?! Pfft.

But White wasn't done, pitching an idea for an Archie Comics style love triangle between Scott, Jean, and Emma:

Of course, that's only if he has to choose. Why does he have to choose? If Archie can go this many years dating two women, why can't Scott? And then Jean and Emma can get a book about how they are best friends most of the time except when it comes to this one thing. It would be great. Emma is the Veronica, obviously.

You know what? Yeah, we'd read that book.

Read the rest of White's X-romantic answers at Adventures in Poor Taste.

Marvel's Jordan White Wants an Archie-Style Love Triangle with Cyclops, Jean Grey, & Emma Frost

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