Marvel's Tom Brevoort Announces He's Quitting Twitter; But Will There Be A Relaunch?

You know what they say. If you live by the tweet, you die by the tweet. Some might say that, over the years, no one has contributed more to the toxic online atmosphere they so often decry than Marvel's own big name writers and editors, with Marvel Executive Vice President Tom Brevoort near the top of the Fanboy Rampage hall of fame list. But for Brevoort, enough is enough. According to a tweet posted early this morning, he'll be hanging up his thumbs soon.

Leading up to this cataclysmic decision that will change the face of Marvel's Twitter universe forever, Brevoort was fighting with a Marvel's reader, a favorite pastime, about a super important topic: typos in Marvel books.

Shortly thereafter, Brevoort announced that his time with Twitter will be coming to an end. Was it due to the typo argument? Or general "twitter fatigue," a condition theorized by some to build in tweeters after a prolonged period of constantly engaging in Twitter slapfights. Eventually, Twitter fatigue leads to like and retweet attrition, as the old stunts stop working and followers begin to recognize the Twitter account for its focus on hyperbole and gimmicks over substance and quality storytelling.

Brevoort doesn't say. All we know is that he is leaving Twitter (probably). But will he go out with a whimper, or with a Marvel style bang?

If Brevoort can apply anything about what Marvel knows about selling comics to this event, then his Twitter departure should be marked by a seven tweet Death of Tom Brevoort's Twitter Account maxi-series (extended to nine tweets after the fourth one gets delayed), tying in with the Twitter accounts of other Marvel firebrands like Nick Spencer. However, since the normally verbose Marvel executive hasn't tweeted in more than twelve hours, it's possible he's already left the service.

That's okay, though. This can still be used to turn sales around. Now, it's time to start promoting the big All-New All-Different Make Mine Brevoort Legacy NOW.1 Twitter relaunch, which will change the twittersphere forever while honoring Marvel's classic characters and looking to the future.

Well, until the next reboot, that is.

So long, Tom. We hope you find what you're looking for.

It's probably on Tumblr or Facebook.

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