Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss; Dan Buckley Promoted To President Of Marvel Entertainment


Dan Buckley has been the publisher of Marvel since 2003, which is a long time to go without a promotion. Then again, when you're basically at the top, reporting only to CEO Ike Perlmutter, it would seem like there's nowhere else to go.

Not true, says modern corporate wisdom! You just give them a new, more important sounding title, and basically the same job responsibilities, and presumably more money, and viola! Upward mobility!

It's in that spirit that Dan Buckley has been promoted to President of Marvel Entertainment, according to an EXCLUSIVE from The Hollywood Reporter. Buckley will still report to Ike, but now he will oversee all areas other than movies, which were wrested away from Ike's control by Kevin Feige in 2015. This means that in addition to overseeing comics and television, Buckley will now also oversee "games, global brand management, and the franchise groups." Alan Fine previously held the title of President, but no mention of him is made in the report.

The news comes at an interesting time, as Ike Perlmutter has recently been getting involved with the Donald Trump presidential administration as an advisor for veterans' healthcare. However, a recent report claims that this involvement won't affect Ike's role at Marvel. In effect, Buckley's promotion could actually bring the rest of Marvel even more tightly under Ike's control, with Buckley working to oversee a unified strategy across all of Marvel's operations (except the movies), and preventing another Kevin Feige situation in the future (unless Buckley turns traitor and steals the whole thing out from under poor Ike).

Mostly though, Dan Buckley's gotta have something nice to go on his resume after all this time. Thirteen years in the same position with no promotion? That doesn't look good, even if it is as publisher of the biggest comic book company in America. And besides, this isn't the first time Marvel has given a nominal promotion to a longtime executive. Back in 2011, when Axel Alonso was promoted to Editor-in-Chief of Marvel, rather than send former EiC Joe Quesada off to pasture, Marvel invented a new title: Chief Creative Officer, and moved Joe into that.

So the question now is, will Marvel be getting a new publisher? And if so, who? We hear Bill Jemas might be looking for work.

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