Mike Deodato To Stay On Invincible Iron Man For A Further 5 Issues #InStoreKickOff #ConKickOff2016

2016-03-05 (183)

When Mike Deodato was announced for Invincible Iron Man, working with Brian Bendis, it was intended for him to be on the comic for five issues, while David Marquez left to draw Civil War II. And then he would return to Star Wars.

But, at the Instore Convention Kick-Off live streaming event, he announced he would be staying on for a further five issues instead of going back to the Force.

However working with Bendis with more panels an page, and more characters a panel he has found his speed has reduced from a page a day to a page in a day and a half….

But what he'd really love to do is Tarzan, Conan, Prince Valiant.. "the classics". But he does love working with Bendis, the emotions and body language challenges that Bendis sets him.

He also talked about writing his own stories, recently publishing a collection of his comic short stories in Brazil.

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