Mike Hawthorne Redeems Captain America For Venomverse

It's been a rough year for Marvel superhero Captain America. Revealed as a secret longtime Hydra Agent in Nick Spencer's Captain America comics, taking over the country as the leader of a fascist regime in Spencer's Secret Empire, and coopted as a symbol of Nazis and white supremacists, one could say there's been a little bit of damage done to Ol' Winghead's reputation.

Thankfully, artist Mike Hawthorne has revealed plans to redeem Captain America by showing off his designs for the character as part of Marvel's Venomverse event. Now, instead of a ruthless fascist responsible for the murder of his former superhero comrades, inspiring real-life neo-Nazis around the country, Captain America is merely merged with a bloodthirsty alien symbiote, which we can all probably agree is definitely a step up.

Hawthorne revealed his sketches on Facebook, writing, "Want a peek behind the scenes? Ok, I'm going to share some of the character design work I did for Marvel's Venomverse event where various Marvel characters get the venom symbiote. First up, Captain America (Captain Venom?). Anyway, enjoy!"

Check them out below:

Venomverse #1, by Cullen Bunn and Iban Coello, hits stores on September 6.

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