My First My Little Pony Party – Pics, Video And Me Getting Bronied Up

I blame the Wall Street Journal. "They had one of their reporters here, and he had his hair done." I have been at the Image Multiversity party for hours previously, I was there with someone I rather liked and I wasn't going to let the Wall Street Journal beat Bleeding Cool when it came to having their hair braided and styled with green extensions, even if later it would cause a mixture of hilarity and concern in the face of Garth Ennis. But more of that later.

The My Little Pony Party held in Manhattan last night to coincide with the New York Comic Con was sensational, featuring all sorts of oversize My Little Ponies redesigned by prominent creatives and designers. Original art from the upcoming My Little Pony comic book. Pony-specific clothing, jewelry, art and ponies and bronies recreating what appeared to be scenes from Nathan Barley to a Pony DJ. But first, lets look at those ponies!


Hang on, that last one was by Perez Hilton. Something's not right.

That's better. Here's soem more shots from the show….


And then this happened.


So what did I do? Obviously I went back to the Image Multiversity party. And the Lansdowne. And Molly's. To much laughter and derision. But you know what? I didn't care. Bronies rule!

Although I did get rather large flashbacks to Nathan Barley again…


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