New Secret Marvel Project by Eve Ewing to Be Revealed Next Week

Ironheart wrapped up after twelve issues with last week's Ironheart #12, and writer Eve Ewing took to Twitter this week to provide thorough writers commentary on the final issue, say her farewells to the character, reveal some behind-the-scenes drama, and finally to announce that she will be announcing a secret new Marvel project next week.

We won't include the entire recap in case you haven't read the issue yet, but there may still be some spoilers in the tweets we've posted, so if you're worried about that, be sure to read Ironheart #12 first.

If you want to read the entire thread, start here:

Ewing discusses influences for one of the early scenes in the book from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings:

And also callbacks to the first issue of Ironheart, as well as how the art affects the pacing of the scene.

Ewing also talked about the things she wanted to accomplish when she learned the series would end with Ironheart #12.

And when it came to revelations about Riri's father, Ewing says she had to win a battle with Marvel to ensure that S.H.I.E.L.D. would be the entity behind the trials that caused him to disappear from her life.

Ewing goes on to recap the entire ending, and again, we don't want to spoil that, but it's definitely worth reading through the entire thread if you've already read the book. Ewing concludes with the big reveal: a secret Marvel project which will be announced NEXT WEEK.

And she ended with some thanks to readers and a statement on what made writing Ironheart most worthwhile:

Ironheart #12 is in comic stores now. We'll let you know as soon as we learn what Ewing's next Marvel project will be.

(W) Eve Ewing (A/CA) Luciano Vecchio
Ironheart's Wakanda adventure comes to a shocking conclusion. With allies Shuri, Silhouette and Okoye by her side, Riri Williams faces her biggest challenger yet: her own past. And things will never be the same.
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New Secret Marvel Project by Eve Ewing to Be Revealed Next Week

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