The Next Big Marvel Star Wars Crossover By Gillen And Aaron says AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! Prepare For The Screaming Citadel

It looks like Luke Skywalker and Doctor Aphra are going to spending quite a bit of time together. The next big Star Wars crossover from Marvel is entitled Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel, according to Starting in May, the five-part story will kick off with a one-shot The Screaming Citadel by Kieron Gillen and artist Marco Checchetto, and continue through Star Wars #31 and Doctor Aphra #7. The duo will be investigating the infamous castle the Screaming Citadel, a castle located on the edge of space. Gillen and Jason Aaron look to be adding a gothic horror element to Star Wars with this story, and it looks like a lot of it will be springing out of Gillen's Aphra series. From Aaron:

It starts with Aphra and Luke together, which is a pairing we didn't really see at all in Vader Down, and that really drives this story. That's probably been the most fun part for me, so far — reading what Kieron did with those two characters together and then carrying on from that. It starts with them venturing into a very dark and scary situation on a faraway alien planet and winding up in the clutches of a sinister alien queen. There's symbiotes involved. There are Aphra's two murderous droids and best-friend Wookiee, and then, of course, the cast of my book. Han and Leia and Sana Starros come running into the fray, as well, and there are several new villains who are at play.

From Gillen:

The trick is, we're going to do this quite-hard twist, as in we're going to lean very much to this particular genre that we haven't seen in Star Wars before, and that's a big part of the appeal. "Let's do a horror story, and let's do a horror story with this level of gothic fantasy to it." It pretty much starts in a bar, which is as Star Wars as it gets. So it's very grounded, we recognize it's Star Wars. Then we travel with Luke and Aphra, and we go to this place. It's instantly a Star Wars take on the trope of doing a village, and there's a really weird castle up on the hill and it's a bit suspicious, and they arrive there and [the people] seem very friendly but something is definitely off. You know what I mean? You understand the tropes, then you go, "Okay, how can we make them feel like Star Wars?" That's putting the twist on it. In terms of the horror aspects of the book, which I'm being a bit sheepish around, it's like, "How can get something that feels like that, but then also, definitely, is not just doing that in Star Wars."

Below you will find some Screaming Citadel concept art by Checchetto.

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