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Pages From Avengers Forever #1, And The Hammer Of All-Vengeance
Avengers Forever #1 by Jason Aaron and Aaron Kuder sees the launch of the Multiversal Avengers series, set up over the past few years, and also reflected with the finale of the What If..? TV series And we have managed to get a teased look at some of the black-and-white illustrations within… which versions of[...]
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Bleeding Cool has a first look at Jason Aaron and Mahmud Asrar's King Conan #1, with an unlettered preview I bet Jude Terror is bursting at the seams to letter for his own nefarious purposes But maybe it is worth getting it uncluttered without such satirical barbs aimed at Tom Brevoort's collecting of coffee mugs,[...]
Jason Aaron, Mahmud Asrar, and Matt Wilson Launch King Conan #1 in December
Jason Aaron, Mahmud Asrar, and Matt Wilson are to launch a second ongoing Conan series from Marvel Comics, set at the end of Conan's life as King Conan, from the 15th of December. The superstar creative team relaunched the tales of the Robert E Howard hero in 2019 to critical acclaim and are back in this[...]
Marvel Announces Avengers Forever From Jason Aaron and Aaron Kuder
#MarvelComics"  Jason Aaron has been writing the Avengers series for many years now, expanding the roster in the type of Marvel character who can be an Avenger, as well as writing a long storyline with Mephisto revealed as the true instigator behind the existence of the Avengers, including the far future and far past versions also[...]
Jesus Saiz and Paul Azaceta Join Jason Aaron on Punisher No More?
Recently, Bleeding Cool ran the scoop that Avengers writer Jason Aaron was returning to The Punisher and returning The Punisher to the Marvel Universe where he has been absent for a year  Planned Punisher projects were pulled from Marvel schedules as a result of concern around Black Lives Matter protests, the use of Punisher symbols[...]
First Punisher Appearance In A Year In New Marvel Sian-Cong History
Though the tie-in linked in the previous sentence was written by Ethan Sacks with art by Luca Pizarri, Heroes Reborn was written by Jason Aaron And we understand that a new Punisher series is coming from Marvel Comics also written by Jason Aaron Aaron previously wrote Punisher MAX several years ago but how will he recreate[...]
FCBD Avengrs Spoilers
But it also consolidates Jason Aaron's Avengers series heading to Avengers #50 And, just like the movies and the TV shows right now, it's all about the Multiverse, as portrayed by Iban Coello. As we are introduced to the God Quarry, a dumping pit for the Multiverse, introduced by Jeff Lemire in his Thanos series but[...]
Sorry WandaVision, It's All About Mephisto In Heroes Reborn (Spoilers)
But is there ever, really? I have to say, the statue makers of the world of Heroes Reborn have a lot more work to do… HEROES REBORN #4 (OF 7) MARVEL COMICS MAR210522 (W) Jason Aaron (A) James Stokoe, Ed McGuinness (CA) Leinil Francis Yu With the cosmic might of his Power Prism, Doctor Spectrum has become the most feared lawman[...]
Heroes Reborn #1 - How The World Has Changed
There will be no more. And Thor doesn't believe in them anyway. Heroes Reborn #1 is published by Marvel Comics today. HEROES REBORN #1 (OF 7) MARVEL COMICS MAR210497 (W) Jason Aaron (A) Ed McGuinness (CA) Leinil Francis Yu A WORLD WITHOUT AVENGERS! Welcome to a world where Tony Stark never built an Iron Man armor Where Thor is a hard-drinking atheist who[...]
Heroes Reborn is a new Avengers-focussed event from Jason Aaron running through May and June How on the ball were we? Well, the first issue is published on Wednesday, so feel free to mark out homework… Nothing, I think, that will ruin the comic But might give you a greater idea of the world that is[...]
Marvel Comics June 2021 Solicitations And Solicits
Heroes Reborn is a new Avengers-focussed event from Jason Aaron running through May and June Heroes Reborn #1 is going to FOC tonight Which is possibly how we have found ourself with a few teaing spoilers Nothing, I think, that will ruin the comic But might give you a greater idea of the world that[...]
Jason Aaron & Iban Coello Create Marvel FCBD Gold Avengers/Hulk #1
We knew it was to be called Avengers/Hulk #1, but now we also know that the writer will be current Avengers writer Jason Aaron and drawn by current Venom artist Iban Coello. Might this suggest that Jason Aaron will be staying on Avengers after Heroes Reborn and Heroes Return? And more tales of the Avenger Prime?[...]
New Phoenix Of The Marvel Universe, Revealed (Avengers #44 Spoilers)
Told you it was traditional. Oh and just in case that the leak wasn't enough, the reveal is also on one of the covers… Avengers #44 cover AVENGERS #44 WEAVER CONNECTING VAR MARVEL COMICS FEB210619 (W) Jason Aaron (A) Javi Garron (CA) Dustin Weaver ENTER THE PHOENIX: THE FIERY FINALE! It all comes down to this[...]
Narrowing Down The Candidates For The Next Phoenix Host (Spoilers)
Jason Aaron is bringing us a new Phoenix in the Avengers comic books And has been eliminating the competition But could another Avenger be min the offing for it instead? Because Jason Aaron is also spinning the new Heroes Reborn event, a world without Avengers, out of that series And along with a lot of[...]