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Cover image for Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #16
What did you click on, Steve?! What did you do?! Anyway, the show must go on, amirite? Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #16 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, and the economy is even wreaking havoc on the job market in a fictional galaxy far, far away The titular Doctor is in need of[...]
Star Wars Doctor Aphra #15 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, and the titular Doctor Aphra and her pals are facing down Deathstick in this preview No, we don't mean she's smoking in a Marvel comic Heaven forbid! Think of the children! No, we're talking about the person Deathstick, you know, the evil[...]
In this preview of Star Wars Doctor Aphra #12, in stores Wednesday from Marvel Comics and tying into the War of the Bounty Hunters super-mega-crossover event, the titular doc must infiltrate the auction of Han Solo, the biggest underworld event ever! Of course, things might get a little difficult considering most of the attendees of[...]
In this preview of Star Wars Doctor Aphra #11, that's a lesson the titular doctor should have paid more attention to But hey, what are a few hundred tiny murderous alien slugs if not a learning opportunity? Doctor Aphra #11 is in stores on Wednesday Check out the preview below. STAR WARS DOCTOR APHRA #11 WOBH MARVEL[...]
Star Wars Doctor Aphra’s Murderous Droid Arrives from Gentle Giant
The "murder bot" was awoken by Doctor Aphra and still travels with her to this day after she faked her death from Darth Vader Gentle Giant has created a bust of this deadly bot that is perfect for any Star Wars fan The dark-silver color scheme returns, and his red eyes pierce any foe or[...]
Si Spurrier Accepts GLAAD 2020 Award For Star Wars: Doctor Aphra
Earlier versions of the awards usually focused on the most mainstream portrayals, and often only credited writers, but this has changed of late. The winner of this year's award, just announced, and accepted by Si Spurrier was Star Wars: Doctor Aphra by Simon Spurrier, Emilio Laiso, Andrea Broccardo, Wilton Santos, Caspar Wijngaard, Marc Deering, Don Ho, Walden[...]
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #1
Unfortunately, she's surrounded by far too many people for any of them to distinguish themselves.   The cover of Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #1 published by Marvel Comics with a creative team of Alyssa Wong, Marika Cresta, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Joe Caramagna.   For example, there is a newly introduced sniper here called "Just Lucky." The only clear things[...]
Anyway, tomorrow will see Marvel Comics release the digital copy of the delayed Star Wars: Doctor Aphra comic on Monday May the Fourth, as opposed to the print copy landing on Wednesday, May the 27th Looks like DC Comics bringing their titles forward to Tuesdays encouraged Marvel Comics to ask them to hold their blue[...]
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Annual #2 cover by Caspar Wijngaard Annual #2
They've been hired by Doctor Aphra to hunt down an ancient mythical beast protecting a treasure in an ancient temple Aphra is working on behalf of a crime lord who wants their own giant monster pet (think like Jabba the Hutt's Rancor) However, Nokk and Winloss quickly notice that they are far from the first[...]
Hasbro Star Wars SDCC Exclusive Vintage Collection Doctor Aphra Set
Doctor Aphra and her droids BT-1 and Triple 0 are coming to San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) this year Hasbro will have them at their booth at SDCC for sale in a Vintage Collection three-pack, modeled after the classic Kenner three-packs of old All three are super-articulated and the set will run $50 Not only will[...]
Doctor Aphra #15 Review: A Delightful Hive of Scum and Villainy
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Lieutenant Magna Tolvan awaits her sentencing as she continues to have the mysterious Doctor Aphra stuck in her head. Elsewhere, Doctor Aphra continues her mission for the new Son-Tuul crime lord and former ally Triple-Zero In his sadistic power trip, he has sent Aphra on a trip to retrieve something for him, keeping her hostage[...]