NYCC '15: Camp Out With Lumberjanes


As a religious reader of BOOM! Box's Lumberjanes, oh wow, was I excited to attend the Camp Out with Lumberjanes! Panel. Moderated by Raina Telgemeier, the panel consisted of Brooke Allen, Shannon Watters, and Riot Media's Swapna Krishna. Just in case you didn't know…Lumberjanes has racked up 2 Eisner awards, a Harvey award, and was nominated for a Glaad award. Now that you know that, onto the panel news. The team of bubbly humans started by discussing childhood experiences, girl scouts, how this book is important in the comics community for women, and powerful women in general!

They touched on the reveal of main character Jo being transgender which took place in issue #17. In the beginning Lumberjanes wasn't supposed to be longer than eight issues, but they were lucky to have the opportunity to share things in a more balanced way.

Shannon Watters said:

"Yeah, we were really lucky because we knew that our book was extended by issue 3…which was great because we had all of this backstory stuff that was for fun, and so it was kind of cool to kind of be like 'hey, I'm going to let all of this breathe.'

When asked about what badges each of them would have, Swapna answered "Scrapbooking," Brooke answered, "Up All Night," and Shannon added, "High School Musical."

Raina asked Shannon if she will continue being a writer on Lumberjanes and an Editor. She answered:

"Lumberjanes is super personal to all of us…it's so personal to all of us. It's our baby, and so I want it to be the priority, but editing is my life…my world. I don't know if I've figured out the balance, but I'm working on it."

When talking about the future of the book, emphasis was put on the core creative team always been a part of the comic in some capacity. That's a relief for me, because I think that's a huge reason why the book is such a success. The group of people that write/illustrate this book put their heart and souls into it. I do want to say that Brooke Allen stole my heart during this panel. She is adorable and so animated. It's almost like watching a Lumberjane come to life! Be sure to grab the first two trades of Lumberjanes. FRIENDSHIP TO THE MAX!

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