Our Five Suspects For The Sanctuary Murders Of Heroes In Crisis

Heroes In Crisis #6 by Tom King, Clay Mann, Mitch Gerads etcetera from DC Comics is out, with three issues left to run. Which leads us to our favourite past time on Bleeding Cool, working out who the mass murdering killer in the Sanctuary, the home for troubled superheroes was. Especially since we think we had it right from the very beginning. So, let's do a run through. Spoilers on, in case we get it right.

1. Remaining our favourite is Wally West, The Flash. Bleeding Cool originally ran this as a rumour as how the book would open, West would be running through Sanctuary, machine guns ablazin'. It seems we got this wrong, rather than an opener, it was to be a series end reveal. I was told there were discussions regarding changing the ending – though those with experience of doing just that with Armageddon 2001's ending being leaked by a Bleeding Cool of its day advised against it. The most recent issue reflected Wally West's reaction to losing the children he forgot he had, and leaving him disconnected from everyone else. The plan would also see Wally West recruited by the Suicide Squad. I mean, he is also dead in Heroes In Crisis. But his body is also five hours older than it should be. And the Poison Ivy cover could be her drawing a W or a Flash symbol. So something is up. Time travel?

2. Tim Tomorrow. Savior. Yeah, time travel. Tim Drake from a possible alternate future timeline where, as an adult, he took on the mantle of the Batman. More recently he was imprisoned by Jor-El, escaping, fighting against Superman and Batman, Superboy and Robin, he was last seen falling through Hypertime. Is killing all these superheroes something that he believes may lead to a better future? And the Poison Ivy cover could be her drawing his zigzag symbol. The Heroes In Crisis crossover with Batman and The Flash teased an upcoming villain who is known to Batman. Could this be him? And Tim Drake was on the DC Nation tease… but he hasn't been set up in previous issues to appear.

3. Harley Quinn and/or Booster Gold. Now they were both set up in the first issue as the two main suspects, both believing the other was guilty of mass supermurder. But recent issues have given us very different versions of events. So who do you believe? Harley Quinn passed the Wonder Woman lasso test, but that only goes as far as Harley believing it. And that Sanctuary can create all sorts of artificial realities like a Star Trek holodeck. S that leads to suspect number four.

4. Sanctuary Itself. The artificial intelligence created by Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman using their combined technologies and personalities, which already appears to have been creating lies stacked upon lies in its holodeck. Batman has form for creating technology that then tries to take over the world. Could the Booster Gold out there be the fake one that Sanctuary created? Could it all be a Sanctuary programme that has managed to crossover with Flash, Batman, Titans and Green Arrow? Could be. There is also the graffiti and the leaked videos to Lois Lane to consider too. And I have no idea how they factor in. But maybe out fifth guess might,

5. Professor Zoom. On the basis that he's a bit like the Flash, he has been around recently in Josh Williamson comics, who has been talking to King about all the Heroes In Crisis stuff, and his symbol would fit the Poison Ivy sketch and he is a baddie. And somehow tied up in the whole Wally West affair.

Okay, that's the five, or rather that's the six, I kinda cheated. So who did I miss? Anyone I should reconsider? Who do you reckon it is?

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