Parallel Universes Teach Polygamy – A "Christian" Response To Gay Archie Wedding

As a Christian, I find myself often in conflict with what are touted as official Christian responses to some matter or other. Whether that be Christian Voice's hysterical reaction to the play Jerry Springer The Opera or CapAlert's objection to E.T. for the evils of levitation, it's never a Christianity I recognise.

And neither is the response of Christian Response Alerts to Life With Archie #16, featuring a gay wedding on the cover.

The response is sadly predictable, but it has one line that not only staggers the mind but also the funny bone. I had to check twice that this as not some Onion-style news report. It's not.

In 2010, the comic series also had Archie marrying both Veronica and Betty in parallel universes – thus introducing the idea of polygamy to its readers.

I need a facepalm big enough and appropriate for this one. Where oh where… oh yes. Thank you, Kirsty the Pinhead.

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