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Veggie Tales, Bible Man, & Others That Plagued My Youth [Opinion]
While the other children of the 1990s and early 2000s were watching kids' tv shows like Spongebob Squarepants and Animaniacs, I was confined to the materials found in a Christian book store or whatever was on PBS instead Eventually, I would find my way to Nickelodeon and Disney shows, but Kim Possible would have to have[...]
Corvus Comics Bought By Christian Book Publisher David C Cook
Based in Colorado Springs and founded by Christopher Wood and Q Wood, the company is now being acquired by Christian publishing house, also in Colorado Springs, David C Cook They will be staying on, David as creative director at David C Cook and Q as director of digital content production on the services and innovation[...]
WWE Raw 7/20/20 Part 2 - Stephanie McMahon Ruins Everything
Christian joins the show via satellite to talk about that match Samoa Joe asks him how he's been since his own unsanctioned match with Orton a few weeks ago Christian says Orton is the best to ever do this, so he knew what he was getting into But he didn't expect the betrayal from Ric[...]
Just In Time For Christmas, The Return Of Rob Liefeld's Zombie Jesus
And planned comic project, The Assembled served as the inspiration for his current Kickstartered Brigade series. And now, on the back of Rob Liefeld's success with the Christian book market for his Armageddon Now series, he is working on The Covenant: An Untold Tale From The Bible And in doing so is reworking artwork from an[...]
Chick Tracts Cause Church Conflict
A local TV news station has found a rather different twist on the outrageous and offensive comic book standard trope. And it's fromthat most venerable of comic book institutions, the Jack Chick tracts, where fundamental evangelist Christianity meets EC Comics in a mix of intolerance, hatred and speech balloons. And one picked up by a seven year[...]
Parallel Universes Teach Polygamy – A "Christian" Response To Gay Archie Wedding
As a Christian, I find myself often in conflict with what are touted as official Christian responses to some matter or other Whether that be Christian Voice's hysterical reaction to the play Jerry Springer The Opera or CapAlert's objection to E.T for the evils of levitation, it's never a Christianity I recognise. And neither is the[...]
Avatar Artist Turns To Christian Comics With Captain Salvation
Youth minister Curt Hawn has sold his technology company DTI Global, serving law firms in Atlanta to fund the publication of a new comic book, Captain Salvation. Co-written with Christian camp counsellor Joshua Carpenter the books are drawn by artist Greg Waller, better known for his colour work on Avatar titles such as Doktor Sleepless, Crossed,[...]