Preview Chrisopher Ring's Seamus the Famous, Out Digitally This Week

The comics industry may be shut down for the near future, but an end seems to be in sight. At least, according to the latest report from Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston, we could be seeing new comics from Marvel and DC in local comic shops by mid-May. Whether or not that pans out, it's still a long time to go without new comics. But while most publishers have either ceased publication of new comics or drastically reduced it, one heroic publisher, Action Lab, has been pressing ahead with digital-first releases, and we just want to say: we appreciate it, not just for giving people something to read, but for giving us something to write about as well!

This week, on Action Lab's Discover imprint geared at younger readers, the publisher is releasing a new graphic novel called Seamus the Famous. The comic starts the titular Seamus, a young boy, and his wisecracking cat as they travel the seven seas in search of treasure. Sure, it may not be the usual superhero drama you're used to, but at least Seamus is able to go outside. That's more than can be said for the rest of us right now.

The cover to Seamus the Famous #1 by Christopher Ring.
The cover to Seamus the Famous #1 by Christopher Ring.

A Preview of Seamus the Famous

Below, check out a preview of Seamus The Famous. The 66-page graphic novel by Christopher Ring is being released digitally on ComiXology and can be pre-ordered now. The print copy, well, it'll be out eventually.

SEAMUS (THE FAMOUS) (Digital-First)
Writer(s): Christopher Ring
Artist Name(s): Christopher Ring
Cover Artist(s): Christopher Ring

Adventure is only limited by a young boy's imagination as Seamus and his snarky cat, Fitcher, lead a crew of affable pirates in search of the legendary treasure of Gunnar Forkbeard. It's a race full of boobytraps, monstrous creatures and humor as Seamus and Fitcher pit themselves against Captain Barracuda and his nefarious crew of The Greythorn. From the high seas to the depths of Dragon's Head Isle, it will take all their wits and courage to save the day, and themselves, in this epic tale.

66 pgs./ E / FC $3.99 (Digital-First)

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