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PrintWatch: Superman Death, Vampire Nation, Gold Goblin, Ninja Funk

PrintWatch: Marvel Comics is running second printings on Blade: Vampire Nation #1, Captain America & The Winter Soldier Special #1, Gold Goblin #1, and Star Wars: Hidden Empire #1, including a 1:25 ratio variant cover. DC Comics is also printing seconds of The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special #1 with a main cover featuring Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding, and Brad Anderson's gatefold cover for the original printing of the issue, re-presented in one landscape-aligned cover, as well as a 1:25 tiered variant featuring the inker-only version of that cover. Scout Comics have seconds for Mr Easta #1 and Stanley The Snowman #1. And Whatnot have sent Ninja Funk #1 back for seconds…

PrintWatch: Superman Death, Vampire Nation, Gold Goblin, Hidden Empire

(W) JPG, Steve Schuitt (A) Alex Riegel (CA) Tyler Kirkham
Cover art by best-selling comic artist Tyler Kirkham (Green Lantern, Transformers, X-Men, and Teen Titans). Frequency-Bending Warrior DJs. Cyborg Housecats. The Broken Rhythm of the Universe. This is a comic like you've never seen before! A fun, high stakes adventure weaved together with face-melting beats, Ninja Funk follows a ragtag band of misfits as they attempt to save a universe that's off-key.

PrintWatch: Superman Death, Vampire Nation, Gold Goblin, Hidden Empire

PrintWatch: MR EASTA #1 Second printing
(W/A/CA) Kit Wallis
"The gloriously demented mind of Kit Wallis brings the galactic adventures of the third best assassin in the universe to Scout Comics! Incredible, kinetically charged artwork blasts the blood, mayhem and quirky humor directly through your brain like a high-caliber bullet. In this issue, it's Elvis night at an interstellar backwater bar, but with all due respect to the King, that doesn't stop Mr. Easta. With the help of Frank, his teleportation parasite, who can also transform into any handheld weapon imaginable, it's business as usual. Be sure to stock up on Scout's next HIT series because the after-market prices will be killer. Looks like it's time to die…AGAIN!
Retail: $4.99 In-Store Date: 12/21/2022

PrintWatch: Superman Death, Vampire Nation, Gold Goblin, Hidden Empire

PrintWatch: STANLEY THE SNOWMAN #1 Second Printing
(W) Austin Janowsky (A/CA) Juan Pablo Montenegro Marcial
Jenny Rose is a bit of a loner. She's not into dolls, the latest cell phones or coolest games. She loves spending time with her family and learning about their traditions from her grandfather. He passes onto her a secret ritual that only one family member in a generation can do, bringing Stanley the Snowman to life! Stanley is a magical snowman, the embodiment of the holiday spirit and their family history. After months of preparation, the night finally arrives… but things don't go exactly as planned! Enjoy the first issue of this NON-STOP! title. Stanley's is sporting a new golden yellow scarf for this printing!
Retail: $2.99 In-Store Date: 12/21/2022

PrintWatch: Hell To Pay For The Death Of Superman

PrintWatch: GOLD GOBLIN #1 (OF 5)
(W) Christopher Cantwell (A) Lan Medina (CA) Taurin Clarke
IT'S NOT EASY BEING…GOLD? Norman Osborn's sins may have been cleansed, but his memories weren't and he's done plenty of horrific things to remember. Norman's worked hard to avoid all things "Goblin" and to stay on the straight and narrow. Consequences in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN pushed him to try super-heroing, and he liked it. But when the media dub him the Gold Goblin, he has to start wondering-can he ever get away from the Goblin inside RATED T+ SRP: $3.99

PrintWatch: Hell To Pay For The Death Of Superman

(W) Mark Russell (A) Dave Wachter, Mico Suayan (CA) Valerio Giangiordano
A deep dive into Dracula's new kingdom as established in AVENGERS. Starring BLADE, the sheriff of Vampire Nation! An assassination threatens to unravel the fledgling country and spread chaos throughout the world. But is getting rid of a nation full of bloodsuckers really all that bad of an idea? Blade himself isn't too sure… RATED T+ SRP: $4.99

PrintWatch: Hell To Pay For The Death Of Superman

(W) Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly (A) Kev Walker (CA) Salvador Larroca
Power. Money. Machine. Love. Revolution. The 20th century progressed at a more rapid pace than any other in history but not without help from the shadows. Kev Walker joins CAPTAIN AMERICA: SENTINEL OF LIBERTY writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing to explore the origin of Captain America's newest foe – and what the Outer Circle's next play means for the status of the Winter Soldier. RATED T+ SRP: $4.99

(W) Charles Soule (A) Steven Cummings (CA) Paolo Siqueira
The mysterious syndicate CRIMSON DAWN and its leader LADY QI'RA have become the galaxy's most wanted criminals, as EMPEROR PALPATINE realizes the scope of Qi'ra's plans against him and moves to destroy her. But Qi'ra still has tricks up her sleeve, and with the help of the KNIGHTS OF REN and her many other allies, she will not go down without a fight! RATED T SRP: $4.99


PrintWatch: DEATH OF SUPERMAN 30TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL #1 Second Printing Cvr A Dan Jurgens
(W) Various (A) Various (CA) Dan Jurgens
Written by DAN JURGENS, ROGER STERN, LOUISE SIMONSON, and JERRY ORDWAY. Art by DAN JURGENS, BRETT BREEDING, BUTCH GUICE, JON BOGDANOVE, TOM GRUMMETT, and more! 30 years ago, the unthinkable happened. The Man of Steel died. After sacrificing himself to stop the unstoppable global threat, Doomsday, Metropolis and the rest of the DC Universe mourned the loss of their greatest hero. To mark this monumental moment in comics, DC has reunited the complete creative team behind the original event for four brand-new stories. Led by Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding, the special kicks off with a new Superman story and villain…DOOMBREAKER! Followed by a series of short stories revisiting some of Superman's greatest allies and exclusive pinups done by some of comics' greatest artistic talent including LEE WEEKS, GABRIEL RODRIGUEZ, BILL SIENKIEWICZ, and WALTER SIMONSON. • "The Life of Superman" by Dan Jurgens (W & A), Brett Breeding (A), Brad Anderson (C), and John Workman (L) – A young Jon Kent finds out in school that his dad had died years earlier, as his parents never told him about that fateful day. In the midst of dealing with this emotional news, Jon and Clark need to team up to fight a new villain connected to Doomsday called DOOMBREAKER. • "Standing Guard" by Roger Stern (W), Butch Guice (A), Glenn Whitmore (C), and Rob Leigh (L) – The epic battle between Superman and Doomsday from the Guardians' perspective. • "Time" by Louise Simonson (W), Jon Bogdanove (A), Glenn Whitmore (C), and Rob Leigh (L) – The story of how the death of Superman looked from John Henry Irons's perspective. • "Above and Beyond" by Jerry Ordway (W), Tom Grummett (P), Doug Hazelwood (I), Glenn Whitmore (C), and Rob Leigh (L) – A powerful story of Ma and Pa Kent watching their son fight Doomsday live on television and going through Clark's photo albums with the feeling that their son always prevails. Retail: $10.99 FOC Date: 11/20/2022 In-Store Date: 12/27/2022

PrintWatch: Also, in the last PrintWatch we ran news on second printings for Hell To Pay #1, Fantastic Four #1, and Star Wars: The High Republic #2 without covers, but here they are.

PrintWatch: Superman Death, Vampire Nation, Gold Goblin, Hidden Empire

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