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PrintWatch: Briar & Damn Them All
Printwatch:  Briar #2 gets a second printing from Boom Studios, with FOC this weekend. BRIAR #2 (OF 4) 2ND PTG GARCIA BOOM! STUDIOS SEP229021 (W) Christopher Cantwell (A/CA) German Garcia The end of the world is nigh, now that the sleeper has become the sleepwalker! But what is Briar Rose to do about it, now that no one believes in[...]
PrintWatch: The Harley Who Laughs & Hallows' Eve Get Second Printings
Printwatch: Harley Quinn #24 gets a second printing courtesy of the debut of the Harley Who Laughs, in comics shops on the 10th of January 2023, with a new design cover by Matteo Lolli featuring the artist's character sketches of the Harley Who Laughs. Printwatch: While Amazing Spider-Man #14 gets a s a second printing courtesy of[...]
PrintWatch: I Hate Fairyland, Gun Honey, Kaya, Bone Orchard 2nd Prints
PrintWatch: Image Comics is sending three comic books back for second printings And there was much rejoicing I Hate Fairyland #1, Kaya #2 and Bone Orchard; Ten Thousand Black Feathers #2 as well as Gun Honey: Blood For Blood #3 from Titan Comics Take a look.   PrintWatch: I HATE FAIRYLAND #1 2ND PTG (MR) IMAGE COMICS SEP229024 (W) Skottie[...]
PrintWatch: Once Upon A Time Second Prints For Doctor Strange & Star Wars
PrintWatch: Marvel Comics is running second printings on Doctor Strange and Star Wars comics as well as the Miracleman Omnibus, Boom Studios for Once Upon A Time At The End Of The World #1 DC Comics has one for Swamp Thing: Green Hell #1 as that series returns to the schedule, and Black Mask does[...]
PrintWatch: Superman Death, Vampire Nation, Gold Goblin, Hidden Empire
PrintWatch: Marvel Comics is running second printings on Blade: Vampire Nation #1, Captain America & The Winter Soldier Special #1, Gold Goblin #1, and Star Wars: Hidden Empire #1, including a 1:25 ratio variant cover DC Comics is also printing seconds of The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special #1 with a main cover featuring[...]
PrintWatch: Second printings coming from Marvel for Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and Star Wars comics, a special collection for The Department Of Truth and a second printing of Hell To Pay #1 from Image Comics, and a couple of covers to second printings which were announced last week. PrintWatch:  HELL TO PAY #1 (OF 6) 2ND PTG IMAGE[...]
PrintWatch: Second printings coming from Marvel for Deadpool #1, Secret Invasion #1, Tiger Division #1, while Boom has seconds for Behold Behemoth #1, IDW for Earthdivers #2, and DC has a second pinting for Riddler Year One #1 which also comes with a red foil variant And a couple of covers to second printings announced[...]
PrintWatch: Miracleman, Crypt Of Shadows, Moon Knight & Power Rangers
PrintWatch: Miracleman: The Silver Age #1, Crypt Of Shadows #1, Moon Knight Annual #1, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #102, Strange Academy: Finals #1, and R.L Stine's Stuff Of Nightmares #2 all get second printings from Boom Studios and Marvel Comics.     PrintWatch: MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #101 2ND PTG MORA BOOM! STUDIOS AUG229022 (W) Melissa Flores (A) Simona Di Gianfelice[...]
PrintWatch: Second printings for Everything Sucks #1, Damn Them All #1, Creepshow #1, Ten Thousand Black Feathers #1, Stuff Of Nightmares #1, Junkyard Joe #1, and fourth printings from Eight Billion Genies #1-3 and a third printing for Eight Billion Genies #4… PrintWatch: EVERYTHING SUCKS #1 Second Printing SILVER SPROCKET (W/A/CA) Michael Sweater Noah and Calla are high, hungry,[...]
PrintWatch: Seconds For Miracleman, Kaya, Dark Ride & Miss Meow
PrintWatch: Marvel Comics is reprinting Miracleman #0 with internal art from Leinil Francis Yu on the cover, and Spider-Man #1 with a Mark Bagley cover There are also second printings for Star Wars: The High Republic #1 with an Anindito variant cover, Star Wars: Visions #1 with an Okazaki cover and Wakanda #1 with a[...]
PrintWatch: We are getting a third printing of Miss Meow #1, and second printings of Midnight Suns #1, End After End #1, Briar #1, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #100, Born of Blood #1, Deathrage #1, 2 and #3, Miss Meow #1 and #2, Create-A-Comic #1 and Sabrina Anniversary Spectacular #1 Here come the solicits The[...]
PrintWatch: All-Out Avengers, Death Ranger & Amazing Fantasy #1000
PrintWatch: Power Rangers Unlimited: Death Ranger #1, Amazing Fantasy #1000 and All-Out Avengers #1 have gone to second printing from Boom Studios and Marvel Comics Let's take a gander… PrintWatch: POWER RANGERS UNLTD DEATH RANGER #1 2ND PTG MORA (W) Paul Allor (A) Katherine Lobo (CA) Dan Mora THE LEGENDARY OMEGA RANGERS defended the universe from evil thousands[...]
PrintWatch: Third Prints For Dark Crisis
PrintWatch: Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths #1, #2 and #3 get third printings, while there are second printings for Batman: One Bad Day: The Riddler gets a second printing cover by Giuseppe Camuncol, as well as a 1:25 foil version of the second printing by Mitch Gerads, all for the 27th of September Boom Studios[...]
PrintWatch: Second Prints For Star Wars, Bloodborne, Spider-Verse and More
PrintWatch: Second prints coming for Dark Spaces: Wildfire #1 and the Alex Toth: Bravo For Adventure Artists Edition from IDW, Bloodborne: Lady Of The Lanterns #1 from Titan Comics (limited to 1500 copies), Barbaric: Axe To Grind #1 and Heart Eyes #1 from Vault Comics, and Edge Of Spider-Verse #2, Predator #1, Star Wars #26[...]
PrintWatch: Eight Billion Genies Are Killing The Children
PrintWatch: Eight Billion Genies gets a full reprint run from the publisher that is not meant to be doing this anyone, Image Comics, with third printings for #1, #2 and #3, and second printings for #4 which came out this week.  Then Boom Studios sends Grim #3 and Something Is Killing The Children #25 to[...]
PrintWatch: DC Comics tells retailers that "following an overwhelmingly positive response from fans, critics, and retailers, Detective Comics #1062—the start of the thrilling and unsettling "Gotham Nocturne" storyline and the debut of new superstar creative team writer Ram V and artist Rafael Albuquerque—is heading back to press for a second printing" with "a haunting all-new[...]
PrintWatch: DC Comics is sending Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths #1, #2 and #3 all of them with 1:25 silver foil cardstock cover variants While Marvel Comics is giving second printings to Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War #2, Star Wars: The Mandalorian #1, Ant-Man #1, Daredevil #1, Gambit #1, Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel #1 And with[...]
PrintWatch: Batman #125 and Grim #2
PrintWatch: Batman #125, the first issue of the series from the new team of Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jiménez, the debut of a brand-new villain Failsafe, the death of the Penguin, and the start of a new arc, is headed back to press for a second printing, in comic book stores for the 16th of[...]
PrintWatch: Iron Cat, Spider-Man, Sengi, Tembo & Alex Toth
PrintWatch: Iron Cat #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #4 are getting second prints from Marvel Comics, Batman/Superman: World's Finest #4 and The Flash #783 from DC Comics, Sengi & Tembo #1 from Scout Comics and Alex Toth's Artist Edition from IDW. PrintWatch: "Batman/Superman: World's Finest #4 by Mark Waid and Dan Mora, featuring the fusion between the[...]
PrintWatch: Thor, Spider-Man, FF, Captain America, Grim, Moon Knight
PrintWatch: Thor #26, Amazing Spider-Man #3, New Fantastic Four #1, Captain America: Sentinel Of Liberty #1, Moon Knight: Blood White And Blood #2 get second prints, and we get a look at the download-less Marvel X Fortnite: Zero War #1 second printing and Grim #1 gets a look at its 4th printing. PrintWatch: THOR 26 COCCOLO[...]
PrintWatch: Fortnite/Marvel Second Prints Will Not Have Digital Codes
PrintWatch: Unlike the DC Comics Batman/Fortnite series that first had digital download codes for skins for the Fortnite game, second printings of the Marvel/Fortnite comic books do not come with the same digital download So if you want the new Spider-Man Fortnite costume, you have to a) get the first print of Fortnite X Marvel:[...]
PrintWatch: Fox & Hare & Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer
PrintWatch: The rather delayed Fox And Hare #1 seemed to blow out of the doors from Vault Comics So much so that it needs a second printing, fast And it is joined in that with Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer #1 from Opus Comics which goes for a third. PrintWatch: Fox & Hare & Frank Frazetta's Death[...]
PrintWatch: Marvel Comics is sending a number of comic book titles back to the printing mill, with Amazing Spider-Man #2 (which still doesn't have Mary Jane in it), Avengers Forever #6 Legion Of X #1 and Punisher #3 Available covers below, as well as the 1:25 sketch variant covers by Gary Frank for Hulk #7[...]
DC Reprints DC Vs Vampires In 3-In-1 Issues For $6 Each
PrintWatch: Due to popular demand, DC returns to the printer for the sold-out first six issues of DC vs Vampires, returning to stores in two one-shots, each collecting three issues of the acclaimed superhero-meets-horror series DC vs Vampires: Coffin Edition collects DC vs Vampires #1-3 in one single reprint volume DC vs Vampires: Coffin Edition[...]
PrintWatch: Marvel Comics is sending three books back to print, two from the Banner War event and one from the returning Savage Avengers.  Thor #25 and Hulk #7 also come with 1:25 sketch variant tiered second print covers as well. PrintWatch: THOR #25 FRANK CVR MARVEL COMICS (W) Donny Cates, Various (A) Martin Coccolo, Various (CA) Gary Frank "BANNER[...]
PrintWatch: Deathstroke Inc #8, Robin #13,
PrintWatch: Deathstroke Inc. #8 and Robin #13, Parts Three and Four of Shadow War, respectively, will receive Second Printings on Final Order Cutoff on the 15th of May, with an on-sale date of the 7th of June. PrintWatch: Quest's Aside, Shadow War, Amazing Spider-Man & Punisher PrintWatch:  Deathstroke Inc. #8 Second Printing, by Williamson and artist Paolo Pantalena, will arrive with a black-and-white[...]
PrintWatch: DC Comics is having a spurt of new printings, but only if your comics are written by Josh Williamson it seems So that's Justice League #75, Robin #13, and Deathstroke Inc #8. PrintWatch: Justice League #75 2nd printing will be in stores on the 31st of May, one week before the launch of Dark Crisis[...]
PrintWatch: Knights Of X, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider & White Knight
PrintWatch: Marvel Comics is putting out second printings of What If: Miles Morales #2, House Of XCII #1 for the 1st of June, second printings of Black Panther #5, Ghost Rider #1, Ghost Rider #2, Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse #2 and Wolverine #20 for the 8th of June Then Amazing Spider-Man #1, Carnage #2, Knights Of X[...]
PrintWatch: Moon Knight #10
PrintWatch: Green Lantern #12, described by DC Comics as "a status quo-shifting issue starring John Stewart" is going back to press for a second printing with a new cover, with a Final Order Cutoff date of the 1st of May, and an on-sale date of the 24th of May You can see a few of[...]