104 Comic Book Exclusives and Debuts at C2E2 2020

There are plenty of comics-making their debut, limited or ezclusive to C2E2 this weekend in Chicago. Here's a few Bleeding Cool stumbled across. If you have any other comcis making a debut at the show, let me know on richjohnston@bleedingcool.com and I'll run them too.


($20) Artist variant edition Usagi Yojimbo 35th anniversary
A limited edition 35th anniversary edition of Usagi Yojimbo. Artist edition cover is limited to 500 copies.


Variant Cover to TMNT issue 93 (part 1 of City at War) storyline. Limited to 1000 printed.

Ryan Gary Browne
Table #S-7

Linktober 2019 Art Book First Printing

The annual Linktober art book comes out at C2E2! In its first printing this is filled with 31 pieces of Joel's Zelda art from October of 2019. Color covers designed by Joel to parody the Ocarina of Time game box art. Come buy yours before time runs out!

Joel Siegel (Linktober)
Table #T-4


DIGITAL COPY of Visitations issue 1 – FREE
Check out the first issue of Visitations for free! The story starts here. Meet Clayton Blackwood, Nellie McCullough & Kincaid, The Entertainer, Piper Boy, Beast 666, and Santa Muete as they fight gangsters in Gracehill Cemetery, Chicago's oldest graveyard.

Scott LarsonTable #B-4


Dark Echo #1 For the first and only time Guerrilla Publishing will have physical copies of the award winning Dark Echo #1 (originally only available on digital). Dark Echo is a fantasy/sci fi story sent in a land of magic, monsters, myth, and super-science.

Dark Echo #2 (only 30 copies available) – $1
Gracing the small press area will be the never before released Dark Echo #2. Dark Echo is a fantasy/sci fi story sent in a land of magic, monsters, myth, and super-science.

Guerilla Publishing
Booth #138


Divine Retribution Origins – Exclusive Comic book – $10

Cover art done by Pasquale Qualano & Ross E. Cambell. This is a 20 page full color comicbook that introduces you to all the main characters of the series along with our hero, Christine. She is a guardian angel and the story is about angels vs demons, good vs evil, heaven vs hell. We have vampires, zombies, demons, Angels and humans. (w) Austin Janowsky, (a) Vincenzo Mercogliano, (c) Jasen Smith, (L) Taylor Eposito. Limited number available.

Austin JanowskyTable #X-12

Sean will be offering a limited quantity of books with original sketches in them! These will range from quick Sharpie sketches at $100 to more developed sketches at $300.

Sean Gordon MurphyTable #A-17


(W) Taylor, Tom (A) Mostert, Karl (C) Anacleto, Jay

The blockbuster DC series returns to answer this question: What did the villains do when the heroes failed and the world ended? Spinning out of the dramatic events of 2019's smash hit- writer Tom Taylor returns to this dark world with a street-level tale of death- heroism and redemption. Led by Red Hood and Deathstroke- DC's hardest villains and antiheroes fight with no mercy to save the only commodity left on a dying planet of the undead-life!






Unknown Comics
Booth #627


Is'nana the Were-Spider: Vol 1 and 2 – $20

Accidentally breaking a barrier between our world and theirs (called THE MOTHER KINGDOM), Is'nana, the son of Anansi (The West African God of Spiders) accepts the responsibility for releasing creatures of horror into our world, villains who want nothing more but to cause chaos and mayhem to achieve their own diabolical or selfish goals. With guidance from his father, Is'nana not only strives to live up to his father's name but to also reach his own potential while he seeks to discover his individuality and place in the world.


Is'nana the Were-Spider: The Ballads of Rawhead & John Henry

After defeating the steam drill in a race to build a railroad, John Henry finds himself transported into a different world where machines rule and hunt humans down for fuel. Is’nana and his father, Anansi the African Spider God of Stories, must find Henry and bring him back to his original world, but can they help Henry defeat the machine bent on hunting them down first?

Also, a young boy moves into a new home with his father and twin brother only to discover that it is being haunted by the Southern boogeymen, Rawhead and Bloody Bones. Can Isanana save them in time?

Marassa issues 1 and 2 – $5 each

Princess Mara is a retired space pirate who gave up the life to raise a family. But what happens when her charmingly thieving, troublemaking twin brother, Sa, visits her with the map to their late parent’s lost treasure? An adventure that garners the attentions of other space pirates, bounty hunters, humanoid snake doctors, cosmic Vodou, and breathing wooden mask babies.

Greg Anderson Elysee
Table #m-6


Into Radness Preview Comic -$10

The first few pages of my series written by Kyle Strahm (Spread)!

Jake Smith
Table #F-12


Lady Mechanika #1


Vampirella #1

Jesse Wichmann
Table #V-11


"And We Walked for Miles"

A collection of short story comics ranging from auto bio to horror!

Fine OK Press
Table #K-16

  • " Comment finissent les amoureuses" short comic book story – 4,50$. A short story in black and white by the french artist Athanais Fondrevelle. 24 pages, format A6
  • Home made Coloring book about music and singers. Format A5, 10 illustrations inside.
  • "une Ãstrange rencontre" short comic book story -4,50$ A short comic book story in color by the french artist Margaux Chetteau 12 pages Format A6
  • " Broussailles" short comic book story – 4,50$ A short comic book story by the french artist Florence Gardelle. 24 pages. Format A6

Lisa Chetteau
Table #W-6


Alpha Initiative Zero: Dossier 001 Declassified – $20

Set in the massive multiverse of The Creative Extreme, the "Alpha Initiative Zero" graphic novel series immerses the reader into the events leading up to the debut of super soldier LtGen. Rashard Bonds, aka Lou, in "Project365". "Dossier 001 Declassified" unveils all of the information and story detailing the beginning of this saga kept secret by the US military and federal government. It unveils the internal struggles of Lou as he deals with PTSD and anxiety, alongside his great distrust of the leadership commanding him. Meanwhile, he must lead his team of enhanced, black-ops, super soldiers in their mission to stop a mysterious plot enacted by the villainous mercenary legend Ramses "The Pharaoh" Hondo, and his group of nefarious, enhanced soldiers called The Elite. Without knowing who to trust, including his own mind, will Lou be able to save his sanity and the world?


Project365 Platinum Edition Vol. II – $30

The second entry into the Platinum Edition series of "Project365" makes its C2E2 debut! Follow the origin of arguably the greatest superhero team to ever assemble, the Sista Clique, as they are thrust into a world of hyper-abilities, global villainy, corrupt corporate powerhouses, and nefarious business moguls, forcing them to embark on a truly life-altering mission. Included are 28 original character profiles complete with artwork, bios, power rankings, origin stories, and how each character plays a role in the journey of the Sista Clique. Plus, as with every book in the Platinum Edition series of "Project365", also included are brand new character art redesigns, never-before-seen splash pages, and TWO exclusive comic book inserts only available in this book!

The Creative Extreme
Booth #643

BATMAN: CURSE OF THE WHITE KNIGHT #7 Convention Exclusive Comic – $15

BATMAN: CURSE OF THE WHITE KNIGHT #7 silver foil, variant cover comic featuring cover art by Sean Murphy. Provided by DC Comics and available only at the Graphitti Designs booth located directly next to DC Comics. Supplies are limited.

DCEASED: UNKILLABLE #1 Convention Exclusive Comic – $15

DCEASED: UNKILLABLE #1 silver foil, variant cover comic featuring cover art by Mattina. Provided by DC Comics and available only at the Graphitti Designs booth located directly next to DC Comics. Supplies are limited.

FLASH #750 silver foil, variant cover comic featuring cover art by Jim Lee. Provided by DC Comics and available only at the Graphitti Designs booth located directly next to DC Comics. Supplies are limited.

WONDER WOMAN #750 Convention Exclusive Comic – $25

WONDER WOMAN #750 silver foil, variant cover comic featuring cover art by Jim Lee. Provided by DC Comics and available only at the Graphitti Designs booth located directly next to DC Comics. Supplies are limited.

Graphitti Designs
Booth #821

Batman Ras Al Ghul #1 Sketch Cover, with hand-stamped by Neal Adams blood effect. Signed. Last 25 copies! $150.00 each.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #100 Neal Adams Gamechanger Edition of 90, signed and numbered with Neal Adams Variant Cover. $100.00

Neal Adams Continuity
Booth #727


Baxter and the Magic Towel – $5

Following a successful one-day Kickstarter campaign, C2E2 is the convention debut of Baxter and the Magic Towel! Baxter is a mostly-silent one-shot about a dog who gains super powers from a magic towel having adventures through town, and the super-family trying to bring him home.

Shaun Manning
Table #T-14







KRS Comics
Booth #1717

Jiu Jitsu Jesus C2E2 Exclusive- $5

Jiu Jitsu Jesus #4 releases at C2E2 with an Exclusive Cover and an Original Art Trading Card.

Jiu Jitsu Jesus
Booth #134


Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy 1 Convention Edition Set – $40

This amazing convention edition set with art by Shannon Maer is limited to 1,000 each cover.
Shannon is available all three days at the booth for signing.

The Comic Mint
Booth #1128


Harley Quinn Year of the Villain #1 – Lucio Parrillo Classic Costume – $40

Limited Trade Dress Cover with amazing art change! Classic Harley costume. Limited to 1500 Copies. Comes with Mylite. Art by Lucio Parrillo.

Power Rangers TMNT #1 Rainbow Virgin – Crain – LTD 150 – $40

Comes with Mylite and COA. Limit of 2 per person. LTD 150


Vampirella #8 Virgin C2e2 Edition by Carla Cohen LTD 150- $40

Scorpion Comics debuts an exciting and exotic cover by the talented Carla Cohen. Books come with Mylite and COA. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!


Venom The End #1 Virgin Flag Edition- $40

Limited to 600 copies. Comes with COA and Mylite. Art by Clayton Crain

Scorpion Comics
Booth #1851


Death to the Army of Darkness No.1 (KRS Comics exclusive c2e2 cover) – $20

Spotlight on Ashley Williams (the female version of Ash Williams), complete with chainsaw and boomstick. Available ONLY at c2e2!

David Nakayama
Table #B-10

Black Mage Hardcover Edition – $30
A special C2E2 exclusive hardcover edition of The Black Mage will be on sale. Co-created by Daniel Barnes & D.J. Kirkland, The Black Mage deals with Tom Token, who becomes the first black student at an all-white wizard school. Over time, Token discovers dark secrets about his school that can lead to disaster.

D.J. Kirkland
Table #L-12

Karnal Confessions: Origin – Convention Exclusive

Only available at conventions! See more at Sorah's table!

Sorah Suhng
Table #M-11

Kid Ninja Halloween Adventure First Official Printing

Kid Ninja Halloween Adventure finally has gone to print. This all-ages mini comic follows Kid Ninja on his quest for the last piece of candy on Halloween. Fun for everyone!

Joel Siegel (Linktober)
Table #T-4



The debut of the new issue of Blast Furnace: Recreational Thief! Self-published limited edition of 250.

Ryan Browne
Table #G-3

My FIRST 24 hour/24 page improv comic

I went in with no script, no plan, just the goal of finishing one page of pencils, inks and letters per hour. The result is Blasphemy Pants, a weird and offbeat story that could only exist in the goofiest corners of the world of comics. Blasphemy Pants will be a limited first printing of 120 copies, $5 or FREE for anyone who presents their Beardo Challenge Coin! It pays to be in the club!

Dan Dougherty
Table #U-3


Blood Force Trauma Preview Zine! -$10

For C2E2 I have Exclusive copies of the Blood Force Trauma Preview Zine! The first pages of my upcoming series launching on Kickstarter!

Jake Smith
Table #F-12


Comics Premiere Edition Artbook – $20

Skip the school of hard knocks and learn the Hows and Whys of Drawing Comics™ from the co-creator of the New Mutants, Bob McLeod.

While supplies last.

Module Blocks: MBartist
Booth #1385


CB4K C2E2 Exclusive professional artists family coloring book (Frazetta, Eisner, Foster and more)

Frazetta, Eisner, Foster, Steranko, Adams, Smith and 32 other artists contribute to ComicBooks For Kids coloring book.
The Emmy, Eisner and other award winner artists in this volume include in no particular order, Frank Frazetta, Will Eisner, Hal Foster, Kevin Eastman, Jeff Smith, Mike Kaluta, Mike Grell, Dave Stevens, Jim Steranko, Neal Adams, Tim Seeley, Stan Sakai, Art Baltazar, Bill Reinhold, Shawn McManus, Aaron LoPresti, Michael Ploog, Topper Helmers and many others for a total of 38 different artists. Some art in this volume was created simply for this coloring book and has never before been seen. Get your copy at booth # 1489. Limited to 100 copies All proceeds to charity.

CB4K C2E2 Exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #102 Kevin Eastman variant –

Kevin Eastman has provided unpublished art for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #102 ComicBooks For Kids! variant. This issue will debut right here at C2E2 and will be an exclusive to the show . Get your copy at booth # 1489. Limited to 75 copies. All proceeds to charity.

Comic Books For Kids
Booth #1489


Bloodshot Midtown Exclusive Cover


DCeased #'s 1-6 Midtown Comics exclusive variant covers by Inhyuk Lee


Spider-Man Vol 3 #1 Midtown Comics exclusive variant covers by Lee Bermejo

Midtown Comics
Booth #1961


Collector Cave
Booth #1516


Erma Comic Book – $5

Erma is trying to be a normal girl like the rest of the kids in her neighborhood. Only thing is… she’s a ghost and can’t help her ghoulish ways.

Outcast Comics
Booth #114


Exclusive Comic Books

Aphrodite V – $25
Batman #50 – $30
Batman Detective Trade – $25 Virgin – $40
Batman Who Laughs Trade – $25 BWLs Red – $30 BWLs Virgin – $30
Chastity #1 – $30
Danger Girl – $40
Guardians of the Galaxy Trade – $25
Harley Quinn Villain of the Year #1 Trade w/ COA – $40
Harley Quinn Villain of the Year #1 Virgin – $40
Ursa Minor #3 – $15
White Widow #3

Natali Sanders
Table #B-9


Falconhyrste: Volume 1 (Comic Book): $20

"Falconhyrste: Volume 1" includes the first 166 pages of the webcomic "Falconhyrste" with newly updated pages.

Melissa Capriglione
Table #B-14


First Edition 199 Days Of Drawing! Book

Mark Kistlers NEW book just released! Limited first edition! 8.5×11, 220 pages packed full of cool drawings to inspire your creativity! Comic Con Special…Autographed and personalized inside front cover sketch, $60

Mark Kistler
Table #Y-6


IDKFA: Inktober 2019 collection- $5

This mini comic collects the 2019 inktober series done in tribute to the DOOM video game

Tyrell Cannon
Table #Q-5


Limited edition ARCHE MEETS the B-52's comic

Variant edition of Archie Meets the B-52's, available only through Archie Comics! Signed by Dan!

Dan Parent
Table #Y-10

Wanted Earth Character back story comic book – "Liefie"
Wanted Earth is Sci-fi themed miniatures board game with a line of character back story comic books.

Shadow Squirrel Games LLC
Booth #175

Set of covers A & B of METALSHADE issue one.

Limited Edition Comic Book Set – $45

Set of covers Homage Variant and B&W Homage Variant of METALSHADE issue one.

Izik Bell
Table #J-10


Lovebirds Artbook – Seconds – $22

60 pages of Good Omens artwork in a perfect-bound softcover book. A few scuffs on the covers at a discount.

J Yang
Table #M-5


Macbeth: The Red King limited hardcover – $75

Only available at conventions! The name Macbeth has been cursed for hundreds of years, synonymous with tyranny and over-vaulting ambition. But what if the true Macbeth was something other than the villain Shakespeare portrayed? Macbeth: the Red King tells an entirely new story of the real-life Scottish monarch, revealing a benevolent ruler who seized on his legitimate claim to the throne. The exclusive hardcover edition, limited to 50 copies, includes additional historical character bios not found in the paperback, as well as the entire text of Shakespeare's tragedy.

Shaun Manning
Table #T-14


Stranger Comics – The Untamed Hardcover Trade

Hardcover trade containing the story that leads into critically acclaimed "NIOBE: She is Life" by Stranger Comics.


Marvel Action – Black Panther #5

Marvel Comic featuring Shuri first published in 2019, cover by Ashley. A. Woods.

Ashley Woods
Table #C-11


METALSHADE Issue 1 Alexa Lo NSFW Variant – $30

A print copy of one of my NSFW variants for METALSHADE Issue 1
Features Aeryn Thorn from the book


METALSHADE Issue 1 Alexa Lo Variant – $30

A print copy of one of my variants for METALSHADE Issue 1
Features Aeryn Thorn from the book
Fully inked and colored by me


METALSHADE Issue 1 Shrine Chromium Variant – $50

A print copy of one of my Limited Edition chromium metal laminate variants for METALSHADE Issue 1
Features Shrine from the book
Alexa Lo
Table #J-10


Niobe: She is Death #1 Trinity Comics C2E2 Exclusive

Only 125 copies printed for c2e2
Cover by Shannon Maer

Comicage Entertainment
Booth #1137


One Eyed Slugger : Yakuza Majima Goro Fanbook – $17

A collection of sketches+drawings I did of the Mad Dog and his many iterations. Some I have posted on the web and some I have yet to share.|

-8.25 in x 8.25 in
-20 pages
-Full color cover + interior
-Single Edition comes with 1 random mini print and Majima Crest Sticker.

Polyna Kim
Table #D-4


Mare Internum softcover AND hardcovers!

Mare Internum books just arrived in Jan, and are making their con debut at C2E2 for the very first time! I've got softcovers as well as hardcovers… Hardcovers were made in a very limited quantity and are not sold singly online, so this is a great time to pick one up for yourself or a friend :]

Table #T-3


Rare Bloodshot Reborn #1 1995 pull box preview

1995 Jeff Lemire and Mico Sunayan preview and Ninjack by Matt Kindt and Clay Mann.We will give this out free
with any purchase until we run out.


Walking Dead #1 One Stop Comics Variant $10.00

exclusive to our store,Only 500 ever printed,

One Stop Comics
Booth #1430


Release and first print of Visitations issue 5 – $10

Visitations issue 5: The Snake Lady Of The Fair takes the reader on a journey of the Chicago World's Fair of 1893, also known as the Columbian Exposition, or the White City. See the Fair! Meet new characters! Learn the origin of the city of Chicago! Beware the Cult Of The Snake! There IS a devil in the White City- it's just not who you think it is!

Scott Larson
Table #B-4


Rose City Comic Con variant of THE REALM #1 $20

Very rare! Complete your collection of THE REALM variants. Autograph included.

Jeremy Haun
Table #Q-10


Scarlet Huntress Adventures – $5

Book release at C2E2! Our newest book, Scarlet Huntress Adventures, is finally here! This book is a collection of 3 short stories. You can pickup the single issue for $5 or get the collected edition of Scarlet Huntress books (4 books + stickers) for $20.


Vampirella Red Sonja Exclusive Sean Forney Variant Cover – $10

Exclusive Sean Forney variant cover of Vampirella Red Sonja #1. Cover art by Sean Forney. Only available at Sean's artist alley table #J-14. Buy the single variant for $10, add a remark for an additional $15, or buy sets of the exclusive Vampirella Red Sonja #1 variant covers.

Sean Forney
Table #J-14


Signed Copies of The World Of M – $10

Signed copies and remarked copies of The World Of M available at my table.

George Vega
Table #K-4


Signed copies of The XII: The Father

Get a signed copy of The XII: The Father from Alterna comics. This graphic novel compiles the first five issues of this ongoing series. It tells the tale of Caleb, a father of five trying to keep his family going after being forced from their farm out onto the Dead Roads.

Patrick Trahey
Table #W-16


SOLID ZERO: SUBSISTENCE – The Art of Emilio Lopez. – $40

103 page, Full color artbook by Artist Emilio Lopez.(Supply Extremely Limited)

Emilio Lopez
Table #C-12


Spirit's Destiny #2 Limited Edition Variant Cover-$10

One of the favorite accomplishment was getting the talented Anthony Piper to illustrate a cover for my anticipating series. Today I will be giving my fans the opportunity to purchase the exclusive Spirit's Destiny #2. Spirit's Destiny is about

Dorphise Jean
Table #M-6


Stanley the Snowman 2020 – Exclusive Ashcan Comic book – $5

Cover art done by Juan Pablo Montenegro Marcial & Danta Strada. This will be a full color ashcan size 12 page book to introduce you to Stanley the Snowman and Jenny in their All Age Holiday story. (w) Austin Janowsky, (c) Dante Strada. Limited number available.

Austin Janowsky
Table #X-12

The Joker #1 Midtown Exclusive Remarque Copy $100

A limited amount available at the show! Signed with Joker Remarque on each copy!

Doug Mahnke
Table #H-1


The Mainstream #1 C2E2 2020 Limited Edition – $10

Alternate Realities Should Not Exist.
There Should Be Only One.


Get this exclusive reprint of the sold-out The Mainstream #1 by Dolce, Caldwell, Moy & Sanchez. "Scrambled Reality" cover by Talent Caldwell

Sire Studios Inc.
Booth #106


The Vision Bible $25

Many artists, One Voice! The Vision Bible is a collaborative effort of over 35 artists. It is a very unique showcase of a wide variety of styles, from artists all over the world: Each artist bringing their artistic interpretations to the many books of the Bible. We have Manga artists, comic book artists, portrait artists, painters, some artists worked with markers, some with just pencil, and some with computers. The finished product is a 212 page spectrum of style and talent, producing a panoramic Vision of the Word of God!

Kingdom Comics
Booth C2E2

TMNT Jennika 1 Metal Virgin Variant

TMNT Jennika 1 limited metal virgin cover by Tyler Kirkham.

Trying to acclimate to life as a mutant, the newest Turtle Jennika embarks on a solo adventure that will force her to come to terms with both her troubled past and conflicted present. Not to mention a brand new villain! Brahm Revel (Guerrillas) returns to reveal more of Jennika's backstory from his acclaimed TMNT Universe tale "What is Ninja?"!

JMD Toy Store
Booth #1231


Variant Cover for Adventures of Byron Comic

Scout comics webstore variant for Issue one of The adventures of Byron Comic

Chris Hamer/ urbnpop
Table #T-16

White Widow Issue #1 Limited Edition C2E2 Exclusive Comic Book- Cover by Jamie Tyndall – $20.00

Jamie Tyndall
Booth #1578


Wolverine #1 Hulk 181 by Tyler Kirkham

Wolverine #1 by Tyler Kirkham. A homage to one of the more popular covers of all time!

Frankie's Comics
Booth #1627


Zombies We're Human Too – Volume C2E2 Exclusive Comic book – $10

Cover art done by artist John Grosjean. The book will feature the first 23 pages of art/story from the 100 page Graphic Novel that will have a Kickstarter campaign running during the show! The 9 page main story done by (w) Austin Janowsky, (a) Mauricio Campetella, (c) Juan Chua, (L) Zakk Saam. The 9 page zombie story "Slim and Tim's Junkyard" is done by (w) Stranger Things 2 actor Joe Davison, (a) John Grosjean. The 5 page story "Gesundheit" is done by (w) Garrett Gunn, (a) Stan Yak. Limited number available. You can get this book signed by Garrett Gunn. He will be at the Source Point Press booth.

Austin Janowsky
Table #X-12

X-MEN/FANTASTIC FOUR #1 by FRANK CHO (glow-in-the-dark), GWEN STACY #1 by SARA PICHELLI (glow-in-the-dark) WOLVERINE #1 by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (fluorescent).




Marvel Booth

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