A 30 Year Career With Spider-Man: Alex Saviuk

Alex Saviuk is, in a word, fantastic. Joyous and a little grey, he is enthusiastic and warm to everyone who walks up to his table. And why shouldn't he be? He's been drawing Spider-Man for 30 straight years! He's been in comics for 40 years, starting with DC comics in 1977. His first work was Green Lantern #100, then he moved on to Flash, Hawkman, The Atom, Aquaman and many others. Growing up he was a fan of comic books thanks to the George Reeves Superman show. The first comic he ever read, Superman #124, was almost alarming to young Saviuk, who wasn't prepared for the bright, vivid colors.


Saviuk had also worked on a number of The Phantom books, which also happens to me one of my favorite comic characters. Out of curiosity I asked him what he thought of the movie, and to my surprise he enjoyed it! This was surprising to me as many people panned the otherwise enjoyable film. His only real gripe was that the Phantom is supposed to be a serious character, and not so light. His eyes should have also been covered, as anyone who looked into the eyes of the Phantom will die. Of corse Hollywood needs to change things here and there, and it was an enjoyable film. When I asked about his thoughts on digital comics he seemed in support of them. As long as the medium doesn't die and people stay employed, they're really not so bad.


I enjoyed my weekend next to Saviuk's table, and having dinner with him (as seen in Barzinga) was a real joy. If you're able to meet Saviuk at a local con, by all means go say hi!

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