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Boss Fight Studio Reveals New 5” Figure Line: Power Stars
Four figures are on their way with The Phantom, Flash Gordon, Ming the Merciless, and Thun, who are all loaded with star stunning color They will feature 7 points of articulation to keep the nostalgia alive as well as stand only 5" tall No packaging has been revealed, but I imagine they will feature something[...]
Iron Studios Returns to 1936 with the Debut of Their The Phantom Statue
One of Earth's original superheroes returns as Iron Studios debuts their brand new The Phantom statue Coming out of the 1936 newspaper comic strip, this hero has had a fascinating history, and Iron Studios captures him perfectly Standing roughly 9.8" tall, The Phantom is posed on a jungle base with Devil, his Wolf companion He[...]
Flash Gorgon is Back with New Dynamic Statue from Iron Studio
Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming The Phantom companion piece as well. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Credit: Iron Studios Credit: Iron Studios Credit: Iron Studios "Created by Alex Raymond in 1934 in comics, in newspaper strips, the space[...]
NECA Reveals New Original Superheroes Figures Line
The first three figures are new versions of Flash Gordon, The Phantom, and Ming the Merciless, who they already released in their Defenders Of The Universe line Like those, these will come with multiple swappable parts and plenty of accessories to thrill fans old and new The first releases were pretty great, and these repaints[...]
Flash Gordon and the Defenders of Earth Return With NECA
Defenders of the Earth is an American cartoon from 1986 that united three icon comic strip characters with Flash Gordon, The Phantom, and Mandrake the Magician Min the Merciless is the bug bad this time around, and it is up to them and others to save the Earth from certain destruction NECA has created three[...]
The Phantom and Hero Ride On In With Boss Fight Studio
The classic comic book character The Phantom is back as Boss Fight Studio announces a new addition to their Hero H.A.C.K.S line The 21s Phantom is back and is ready for a new adventure as Boss Fight is also having his horse Hero join in on the fun Standing 4" tall, the 21st Phantom is[...]
Hermes Press to Publish Complete DC Comics' The Phantom
Hermes Press is to publish the DC Comics' runs of The Phantom by the likes of Peter David, Joe Orlando, Mark Verhiden and Luke McDonnell, in three volumes, beginning in May There are discounts for direct preorders as well. Hermes Press to Publish Complete DC Comics' The Phantom The Phantom was first published as a daily newspaper strip[...]
The Phantom Gets Hero H.A.C.K.S from Boss Fight Studio
The 1930's comic character The Phantom is back with new figures from Boss Fight Studio Boss Fight has been on a hot streak lately with their 1/18th scale Hero H.A.C.K.S figure line with recent releases like Zorro and Flash Gordon This time though, the 21st Phantom Kit Walker is back and better than ever[...]
Lauren Looks Back: The Phantom (Yes, The 1996 Movie)
In 1996, I became keenly aware about the Ghost Who Walks, also known as The Phantom The original comic strip started in 1936 by Lee Falk, centering around a pulp hero who fights crime in the jungles of Africa The comic strip is still ongoing, which a testament to it's longevity But I'm not here[...]
A 30 Year Career With Spider-Man: Alex Saviuk
The first comic he ever read, Superman #124, was almost alarming to young Saviuk, who wasn't prepared for the bright, vivid colors. Saviuk had also worked on a number of The Phantom books, which also happens to me one of my favorite comic characters Out of curiosity I asked him what he thought of the movie,[...]
Return Of The King(s) – Talking King's Quest From Dynamite
These characters have never been in this situation—a star war—in this way before. CB: And speaking of those two Phantoms—who are they? BA: First, things first. The Phantom is a mantle passed on from father to son When a Phantom dies, his son dons the skintight bodysuit, making it appear that it's been one Phantom this whole time[...]
Mike Manley To Take Over The Phantom Comic Strips
It was announced today that Mike Manley will be taking over The Phantom comic strip after the recent passing of artist Paul Ryan Manley has worked previously on Batman, Quasar, Darkhawk, Captain America and The Power of Shazam He has also worked on animated series like Spy Groove, Spawn and Clerks: The Animated Series[...]
Process Art For First Female Phantom
It is written by Brian Clevinger, art by Ryan Cody and Scott Godlewski, and colors by Robt Snyder. Magical guest stars! Heyyyyyy…what's Mandrake the Magician doing in The Phantom's book? (Hint: Saving Phantom's life, hopefully) Will magic be a help or hindrance for our purple punching pugilist? And at long last…has the missing next Phantom been[...]
Stephen Downey Covers The Phantom
This is for King: The Phantom #4 and is offered to retailers as an incentive as the final order cutoff is fast approaching Here we get to see the original art and the colored version If you want this cover, let your retailer know asap There is also the regular issue cover by Jonathan Lau[...]