A Comic Show – Secret Wars Battleworld Roadtrip!

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes:

Hey Fandom, this week was one of those where I feel privileged to sell comics for a living. I felt like a kid again just reading comics all morning for fun, but now I get to talk about it with other fans instead of just sitting in my room all by myself.

Secret Wars is the gift that keep giving so far. The first two issues of the main book rocked my world. Deadpool's Secret Secret War's hilarious. A-Force has everyone's favorite female characters in it (even mine: Dazzler). Planet Hulk's Hulks vs Thors, and Gladiator Cap on Devil Dinosaur made it a must have. Battleworld's Punisher/Doctor Strange mash-up vs the Infernal Four was worth the price of admission. And Ultimate End is Bendis and Bagley's swan song. Oh, and Star Wars #5 was almost all Boba Fett! I squeed throughout, and can't wait for next issue's Skywalker vs Fett!

Convergence #7 was exactly what I wanted from Convergence #1. It feels like nostalgia that matters now, as opposed to set up for Earth 2: Society #1. I did geek out to Convergence's GLC's Guy Gardner vs Hercules arm wrestling match. And again with the Convergence tie-ins, you get out what. If you have warm fuzzies for any character or era, you'll feel the feels.

Wytches #6 ended the arc perfectly. I don't even hint at spoiling it, but I was shocked with the outcome. Kaptara #2 was even better than the first, Keith the Coward is my man! Jem and the Hologram's Campbell art is what I want the movie or even a new cartoon based on. Archie vs Predator #2 was nothing but carnage. Optic Nerve #14 is my favorite book from high school. It's had 14 issues out over the coarse of 20 years, but each one is a gem. Also, Boom and Max Bemis' Oh, Killstrike actually redeems the 90's extreme era with it's over the top humor and Liefeld feet.

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